Emulation for Demo Distribution?


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  • 1. Refresh button on mobilewebform not giving latest version of page
    I am trying to get a Refresh button to work on a mobilewebform that has live sports scores. The code behind (C#) for the refresh button is: private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { if (!Page.IsPostBack) PopulateDateList(); Response.Redirect("selfPage"); } ..and in the html header for the aspx page, I am using some cache tags: <meta Http-Equiv="Cache-Control" Content="no-cache"> <meta Http-Equiv="Pragma" Content="no-cache"> <meta Http-Equiv="Expires" Content="0"> ...but I still get no new version of the page when I hit the refresh button. ?? Chumley
  • 2. Problem Redirecting Mobile ASP pages
    I currently have a mobile ASP page that uses and on load event to build part of the form and uses a custom control. I am after making my custom control such that when the user click on a button in it the browser is redirected to a differant page. normally I would do this using something like the following in C#: ((Form) (this.parent.page.FindControl("Form1"))).mobilepage.redirect("address", true); However I have tried this and everything I can think of and I just can't get the page to redirect. I have had pages redirectiing when there is no code in the on load event. I have also tried using Page.Responce(), Server.Transfer. I even at one point tried using the session variables and passing redirect values back to that get executed by the parent forms on load method, although this didn't seem to work either. If anyone has any ideas they would be much appericated! Thanks, Martin
  • 3. OT.: Connect from device 2003 to SQLServer
    Hi NG, I have a PocketPC 2003 (HP iPAQ) and a wireless LAN. On a PC there is a MSDE. My Application on PocketPC connects to the SQL-Server, but the message I receive is that the SQLServer can't be found. I also connected from a Laptop and this works fine. The routine to connect is the same: _con = new SqlConnection( ConfigReader.Instance.DBConnString ); _con.Open(); // The connection string is string sCon = "Data Source=" + _sHost + ";Database=" + _sDBName + ";User ID=sa;password=adminpw"; _sHost = "\DBINST" _sDBName = "MyDBName" Do I need some other secutity issues when connecting from PocketPC? As I said, connectin from Laptop works with the data above! Thanx in advance Matthias
  • 4. META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" doesnt work on mobile aspx pages?
    I'm trying to use : <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="180; URL=main.aspx"> to refresh a mobile page (made in vs.net with the MMIT) for a page that I need to refresh every 3 minutes, but I can't get it to do anything. Does it have anything to do with the fact the server may be behind a firewall? I've tried it on regular asp pages and static HTML, and it works fine. ?????????? Chumley

Emulation for Demo Distribution?

Postby William » Fri, 29 Jul 2005 02:24:12 GMT

I have an app developed for Windows Mobile device, but my client does not 
have a Mobile device currently, is there any way or software that can allow 
me to package my app along with the emulation software to run the app - for 
his machine to run - XP? 

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