Form Authentication


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Form Authentication

Postby amt1bw » Fri, 03 Mar 2006 14:28:27 GMT

I am new to asp .net mobile.  Here is my problem, please helpl!
I created a mobile application with form authentication.  Everything works, 
however, when authentication cookies expired, if I click on the page, it gave 
me an exception error and telling me the cookies/session is expired.  How can 
I trap the exception and redirect to logon page instead?

Thanks....for your help  

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all, but anything under the Restricted directory requires you to login and I
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work properly.

First I tried to have a second web.config in the sub directory with
authentication and authorization set to forms, but it blew up.
Next, I tried to modify the root web.config in the following manner wanting
it to only force a login when trying to navigate into the sub directory but
it takes me to the login right away:
I thought setting the path to the sub directory would restrict it to pages
in the sub directory but it's not working.
<authentication mode="Forms" >

<forms loginUrl="FormsAuthenticated/login1.aspx" name="AuthCookie"
timeout="60" path="/FormsAuthenticated"></forms>



<deny users="?" />

<allow users="*" />


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access and then specify a user that had rights to the SQL server I can make 
the calls but I loose any audit trail or SQL server level rights (everyone 
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server I can send the proper credentials to the server using the information 
from the logon form, but I would like to stick with integrated 
authentication on the SQL server if I could. 

4.Forms Authentication displays basic authentication dialogue window


A very large portion of my site uses forms authentication which seems
to work reasonably well. However many of my authenticated pages
display a basic authentication dialogue box prior to display, even
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displays the page fine with no problem however after a while this
becomes very annoying!

The pages that display the basic authentication dialogue box all pull
images, and access directories from folders that are outside of the
protected directory which it must do.

I have tried giving full control on the server to the Network Service
user which didn't work and, as a test, put full control on for all
users on the server which still didn't work.

It works fine on my local server.

If anybody could enlighten me I would be very grateful.

Many thanks,


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What is even more confusing is that for another part on the same site
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