Low Cost GPS Tracking System - Built on .NET


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Low Cost GPS Tracking System - Built on .NET

Postby johannblake » Fri, 21 Nov 2003 00:14:35 GMT

Polaris - Low Cost GPS Tracking System
CloserWorlds introduces Polaris, a low cost product / service for
tracking an object's physical location in real-time over the Internet
and displaying its position on a geographical map. Polaris can be used
to track vehicles on the road, ships, planes, trains, humans and even
animals. It is a generic system that consists of an XML web service
and software running on a client's computer.

Hardware located on the tracked object transmits the location
periodically to the web service which forwards it to the customer's
machine. CloserWorlds offers a complete vehicle tracking system built
on Polaris providing the lowest cost tracking on the market for
companies who want an entry-level product without investing much money

Polaris is built using Microsoft .NET technology and can be customized
by any programmer to meet special business requirements. Polaris was
entirely developed in C#. The client software ships with support for
Microsoft MapPoint and OziExplorer but can be programmed to interface
with any mapping software or business application. Multiple vehicles
(or any object) can be displayed on multiple maps simultaneously.
Polaris is also designed to work with any hardware device since it
contains no proprietary interfaces to any specific hardware.
Dates/times are stored in UTC format (Universal Time Coordinate) and
textual data can be stored in multiple languages.

The Polaris web service costs a minimum of $15 a month which
guarantees tracking a single vehicle every 15 minutes, 8 hours a day,
6 days a week.
For more information on Polaris, see www.closerworlds.com, or call +49
711 838 5038 (Germany).

CloserWorlds is also looking for distributors worldwide. Contact
CloserWorlds if you are interested in selling and providing product
support in your country.

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