MMIT doesn't work on Framework 1.1 ?


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MMIT doesn't work on Framework 1.1 ?

Postby S3J6eXN6dG9mIE1hbGlub3dza2k » Thu, 05 Feb 2004 23:16:06 GMT


I made recently decission to upgrade my .NET, in order to removed depended on some other software, like MMIT and .NET 1.0 in the end
After I installed .NET 1.1 (actually with SDK), then reinstalled previously installed software. During MMIT installation  I noticed message, that it cannot be done with this version of framework, so it realy confused me


Re: MMIT doesn't work on Framework 1.1 ?

Postby Ed Kaim [MSFT] » Fri, 06 Feb 2004 05:00:33 GMT

The functionality in MMIT is native to the .NET Framework 1.1, so you don't
need to install it.

on some other software, like MMIT and .NET 1.0 in the end.
previously installed software. During MMIT installation  I noticed message,
that it cannot be done with this version of framework, so it realy confused

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