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  • 1. ObjectList: showing details with master list
    Hi, with a vs2003 mobile form I need to show a list for a user to choose from. In the same page I want to display the details of the selected item. I tried with two ObjectList in the same form but when I set ViewMode property on one of them to ObjectListViewMode.Details the other isn't showed. There's some way to get details and list on the same page? Thanks -- Carlo Folini
  • 2. width, height in IMG tag
    Hi, I just started with ASP.NET mobile web application development. So far I managed to do everything I wanted, but there are a couple of things I cant figure out. I wanted to display an image on a form. I started by using image control. Soon I discovered that the picture doesnt work on some devices, unless I specify height and width within IMG tag. So I came to problem No.1. There are no height and width properties in image control. I would like to set width/height at runtime since I resize the picture according to the capabilities of the device. Then I thought, well, why dont I just write WML directly. So I added textview control and set it's text property to custom html. This html also included img tags. I soon found out that all img tags were removed in output wml/html. I have two questions. 1.How can I add width/height attributes to img tag? 2.Is there any way to output custom html/wml? Thanks in advance, Andrej
  • 3. programming for battery saving
    Hi, Are there any backgrounders available about best practices where it comes to saving power -and the battery while programming with Visual Studio 2005, the CF 2.0 beta and the Mobile 5.0 SDK? Kind regards, Tony Thijs

Mobile Web Forms

Postby The Bear » Sat, 28 Aug 2004 04:49:09 GMT

There has got to be a way to put to controls on one line for Mobile Web
Forms. If you know can you help.


Re: Mobile Web Forms

Postby JuanDG » Sun, 29 Aug 2004 05:12:52 GMT

It may not be "the best way", but as far as I know it's "the only way".

cHTML, xHTML, WML, HTML (which are the Markups supported by MMIT) all have 
the same syntaxes for defining tables, although some WML devices don't 
render tables, but they are very few (and very old too!!!)

so the solution I came up with, was constructing a simple table around the 
controls like this:

hope it work for you, if not, let me know the specific case so we can figure 
out something!!

Juan David Gomez A.
Microsoft Certified Professional
Analista de Desarrollo - PSL S.A.
Web and Wireless Banking
Medellin - Colombia

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