ObjectList Rendering Problems in Windows Mobile 5 Versions


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ObjectList Rendering Problems in Windows Mobile 5 Versions

Postby andrew.cripps » Fri, 13 Oct 2006 21:03:43 GMT


We're using an ObjectList control to produce a neat table of data for
rendering on Windows Mobile 5 devices through IE.

We've got two different Windows Mobile 5 devices - device A is OS
5.1.70 Build 14409.1.1.2, device B is OS 5.1.195 Build 14955.2.3.0
(i.e. device B is a later ROM).

On the older build, the rendering works fine. On the later build, it
ignores the fact that it should be a table and just outputs a bare
horrible-looking list.

I can't find anything on this anywhere, has anyone experienced a
similar problem? 

Any help greatly appreciated.



Re: ObjectList Rendering Problems in Windows Mobile 5 Versions

Postby andrew.cripps » Thu, 19 Oct 2006 15:26:02 GMT

I've answered my own question!

The device that was faulty had an HTTP_USER_AGENT which did not start
with Mozilla/4.0, instead had
Vodafone/1.0/HTC_Mercury/, which meant that the
browser capabilities failed.

In my case I hacked the registry of the device to remove all the
Vodafone cr@p and rendering worked fine. You could also handle this
server-side I guess.

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