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Postby WRH » Thu, 28 Dec 2006 00:16:14 GMT


Say I have a form with input, eg
<input type="hidden" name="add" value="1">

How can I prevent a client browser from using "View Source"
to see that eg value = 1 ? In general, can sensitive data be
easily hidden from "View Source"?

(Hope that this is an appropiate newsgroup) 

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1.view source problem with hidden control using IE

I have a page that has several controls on it and the controls are
shown or hidden during postback.  I show and hide them using the
visible property.  When I use 'view source' in Internet Explorer I
always see the source of the first version of the page, with the
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Example Detail:
My page has 6 controls and works like a wizard.  One control has
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When the page initially loads I show control-01.  If I 'view
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When I move forward control-01 has visible=false ad control-02 has
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control-01 rendered.

It seems that the source is cached as long as I'm on the same page.
How can I see the source of the page that is actually rendered?

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