System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories() and System.IO.Directory.GetFiles() are not returning the specified directory



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System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories() and System.IO.Directory.GetFiles() are not returning the specified directory

Postby Nathan Sokalski » Sat, 08 Sep 2007 00:23:26 GMT

I have an ASP.NET application which displays the directories & files in a 
specified directory on the server. I use the 
System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories() and System.IO.Directory.GetFiles() to 
retrieve the lists of files and directories. I have two very similar 
versions of this that I am debugging, both of which use the methods 
mentioned above. However, one of them is returning the contents of the 
specified directory and the other is returning the contents of the project's 
directory. I have checked to see what values are used by and returned by 
System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories() and System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(), and 
they use the values I expect, but do not return the directories and files in 
that directory. What is going on here? 

Re: System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories() and System.IO.Directory.GetFiles() are not returning the specified directory

Postby Mark Rae [MVP] » Sat, 08 Sep 2007 00:46:35 GMT

[X-posting removed]

Please show your code...

Mark Rae

Re: System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories() and System.IO.Directory.GetFiles() are not returning the specified directory

Postby zacks » Sat, 08 Sep 2007 00:58:52 GMT

Both of those methods work fine for me. You will need to post some
actual code that is having the problem.

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