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    Hello everybody: I am having a problem deploying an ASP.NET application. I want to build an installer that has to do the following: 1. Install the application: 2. In the CustomActions, I am calling "cacls.exe" to grant write privileges to data\database.mdb to the ASPNET user account. Everything is fine but, the problem arises when I try to test in one of my servers. The server is Windows 2003 and I installed application server. I haven't made any changes to it (no security settings, etc...) I have noticed that the folders under inetpub are created and the privileges are granted for a user called IUSR_<MACHINE_NAME>. When i give writing rights to this user, the application works fine. How can I query for the user that asp.net will run on on the installation? Thanks in advance! Arturo
  • 2. ASP function run differently when running compiled from DLL
    Hi, I have written a DLL that implements IHttpHandler methods, i.e GetHandler, ProcessRequest etc... I also automatically login visitors to the site as an appropriate guest (based on browser language). To do the auto login I used FormsAuthentication with my Web.Config file specifying my guestlogin ASPX page as the page to use. The (VB) code for this page works out which guest login to use, sets a couple of cookies, i.e: Response.Cookies("UserID") = 2 then it does a : FormsAuthentications.SetAuthCookie(strUsername, false) Response.Redirect(FormsAuthentication.GetRedirectUrl(strGuestName, false)) Now here is where it gets weird (and god damn annoying!). When running through VS.2003 in debug mode this all works fine. However when running directly against a debug build of the DLL it does not work. In that the Response.Redirect(....) line does not send any of my cookies back to the client browser, consequently when it gets to the redirect page it all goes tits up because an expected cookie value is not available, but always will be when running correctly. Any ideas as to what is wrong would be most appreciated. Regards, Peter Row
  • 3. Please help. Validate only selected controls
    Hi, I hope somebody can help me with the following. (I have tried searching for a solution on the newsgroups but nothing is quite what I need. Feel free to point me in the direction of anything I may have missed though.) I have a form with 2 text boxes, two list boxes and 2 buttons (A & B). Both buttons must perform some validation but they differ in their extent. Button A must ensure that a date has been entered in both text fields and that at least one item has been selected in one of the list boxes (it is always the same one). Button B however must ensure that a date has been entered in both text fields and that at least one item has been selected in each list box. Button A serves to populate the other list box based on the values in the text boxes and the selected item in the list box. Button B serves to submit the form when it is totally complete. I have added the necessary validation controls (i.e. combination of RequiredFieldValidators, RangeValidators and CompareValidators) to my form so that all fields are validated when Button B is clicked. What can I do so that if Button A is clicked that only the text boxes and one list box is validated. The EnableClientScript property of each validation control is true so the form is validated client side and this is something I'd like to maintain. I'm using a validation summary control to display error messages. Any help would be appreciated. TIA Paul
  • 4. How to send parameter to user control postback
    I have a user control being used instead of a frame page. when the user clicks on a menu item I need to send the ID (integer value) of that menu as a parameter in the postback of the user control which will be used to query sql server to repopulate the datagrid in the user control. I also wrapped the user control in a panel element so I could position it on the page. I'm clueless on how to get started with this. 1) how do cause the user control to postback? 2) how do I send a parameter in that postback? Thanks. -- XXXX@XXXXX.COM
  • 5. code behind problems in vs.net 2003
    hey all, im building a asp.net project in vs.net. Is there a way to have the codebehind files sit in a different folder outside the website folder altogether? example: The aspx files are in this directory c:\inetput\wwwroot\testapp the code behind code must be in this directory c:\projects\testapp\src\com\tietronix\testapp\codebehind where the namespace is "com.tietronix.testapp.codebehind" I have tried these steps with no success. 1) changed the namespace in the aspx.cs file to the appropiate one. 2) changed the @page decl to Page language="c#" Codebehind="c:\projects\testapp\src\com\tietronix\testapp\codebehind\WebForm 1.aspx.cs" AutoEventWireup="false" Inherits="com.tietronix.virtualastronaut.codebehind.WebForm1" If this is possible outside of vs.net using a simple text editor - that would be great as well. Since im new to the namespace and codebehind concepts, id really appreciate it if i could get a example that i was able to see. thanks in advance for your help! girish

HIDE: Database Explorer / Solution Explorer / Properties

Postby NewTel » Thu, 16 Feb 2006 07:42:03 GMT

Hi these little suckers reside on the right hand side of my screen, looking 
like tabs.
They pop out whenever I mouse-over them. I find this annoying.
How can I get them to stay put unless I click on them?


RE: HIDE: Database Explorer / Solution Explorer / Properties

Postby SmFtZXMgVmlja2Vycw » Thu, 16 Feb 2006 08:13:27 GMT

If you mean, make them fixed rather than autohide, then just click the 
picture of the pin near the "X" on window, this makes them fixed, rather than 


Re: HIDE: Database Explorer / Solution Explorer / Properties

Postby G. Whiz » Sat, 25 Feb 2006 06:13:41 GMT

No, I mean I don't want these views to pop out, unless I click on the tab.
Just like any other tab.

I don't want them to auto-pop out just cause I happen to move mouse over 

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