469.4 problems with DAWDC



  • 1. Class license
    Hi, I have issue relating to working on classes 1. if i create class from AOT it doesn't do. 2.If i create a project are and then i create a class, it works, but no other method gets created well. can anybody tell whats the problem can be. I installed SP2 on SP1 but due to some reasons restored the env back to SP1. thanks and Regards Atamjeet singh Bhatia
  • 2. Fat client in AX4.0
    Hi all, I just start with Axapta 4.0. How can I configure fat client? Thanks, Coree
  • 3. Inserting Picture Attachments in Windows Mail
    There used to be 2 ways of attaching pictures to an email. The first, by going into a new mail pro-forma and inserting the file - this method did not allow for size reduction and still works with Windows Mail. The second was to right click on a picture and 'send to mail recipient'. This second way allows for size reduction. However, when the next screen appears (having reduced the size), the new mail pro-forma does not have the send icon on it! Any ideas?

469.4 problems with DAWDC

Postby bWljaGFlbCByb2VkZXNrZQ » Wed, 27 Apr 2005 04:41:05 GMT

Yes, directory browsing is enabled. When I type in the link: " http://www.**--****.com/ " the configurationfile wil be downloaded. This also the correct "configuration" parameter in html page, with filename and ful path.

But still the same message: "The configuration was not specified

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