Visual Studio 2008 problem with Orchestrations - ODPackage


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Visual Studio 2008 problem with Orchestrations - ODPackage

Postby U2hhd24gTW9yZ2Fu » Fri, 12 Feb 2010 04:32:03 GMT

I'm getting the message "Package ODPackage failed to load properly" when 
trying to open orchestrations in Visual Studio 2008 SP1.  It then ends up 
opening the orchestration as an XML document.  This was working fine, but all 
of a sudden it has stopped and is erroring.

I've tried a repair of both BizTalk and Visual Studio 2008.  I also removed 
the BizTalk Developer tools and reinstalled without any avail.


RE: Visual Studio 2008 problem with Orchestrations - ODPackage

Postby U2hhd24gTW9yZ2Fu » Sat, 13 Feb 2010 04:11:02 GMT

Ok, more info on this.  This appears to be related to Team Foundation Server 
and VS2008 with Orchestrations.  If the orchestration is checked into TFS and 
then you attempt to open the orchestration, this is when the bug happens.  

On a new project, not in TFS, this isn't happening.

The ActivityLog shows the following two errors:
113 ERROR SetSite failed for package [ODPackage] 
{2F926337-2BFB-46AB-BBC4-A955CE25FF6F} 80131502 Microsoft Visual Studio 
2010/02/11 19:00:13.610 
114 ERROR End package load [ODPackage] 
{2F926337-2BFB-46AB-BBC4-A955CE25FF6F} 80131502 Microsoft Visual Studio 
2010/02/11 19:00:13.673 


RE: Visual Studio 2008 problem with Orchestrations - ODPackage

Postby U2hhd24gTW9yZ2Fu » Sun, 14 Feb 2010 01:23:01 GMT

I opened a ticket with Microsoft and found a solution to this problem.

The problem occurs with VS2008/BTS2009 and Team Foundation Server.  If you 
check in a solution which contains:
- A file with no file extension, OR
- An empty folder

It seems to cause this ODPackage failure.  I had an empty folder, and I 
deleted it which immediately fixed the problem.


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