Fire Alarm Riser Diagrams


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    Hi, I have seen this occur on several occasions and cannot find an answer. I run a program on a Windows based machine with an Autodesk Product installed. (I have seen the same thign happen with AutoCAD and Inventor 2005) This program used to launch and run correctly. Now, when the product is run either by using the shortcut on the desktop or double clicking on the item in its folder the 'Uninstall Wizard' of INventor launches. I have solved this problem in the past by placing the CD in the drive (The uninstall asks for this) and this runs for a minute or so then stops. The problem goes away. I have now tried this and the process seemed to crash. Is theis a common problem? Is there a resolution to it? It seems that autocad uninstalls automatically when a program is run or executed It is as if another process is always running in the background waiting for something to occur. Thanks For any advice. Daniel.

Fire Alarm Riser Diagrams

Postby Dennis » Mon, 02 Aug 2004 05:27:35 GMT


Can somebody give me an example of a fire alarm riser
diagram, for a multi story building? Is there a standard
accepted configuration/format?



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It is more than possible I f**ed comething up.

I still need to root through old models, but this mornings simple tests
show that this IS NOT an issue particular to 2007.  I withdraw my
warning about 2007, with great chagrin

But, boy will this will be an interesting topic in new orleans.

It has to do with UV lines and what happens when you model one face at
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You can convert psf to ascii with:
psf -i tran.tran -o tran.txt

Cadence has an eye diagram function:
eyeDiagram ( o_waveform n_start n_stop n_period ) => o_waveform/nil

This function gives an eye-diagram plot of the input waveform signal.
It returns the waveform object of the eye-diagram plot.

See the Affirma RF Simulator (SpectreRF) User Guide, Chapter 13
Behavioral Models and Methods for Top Down Design for some examples.

Check out awvSimplePlotExpression and awvPlotExpression.

"Jason D. Bakos" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news:<bev3dd$k86$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM >...
> Hi everyone!
> My research group has recently switched from Tanner to a set of the Cadence
> tools for doing IC design.  Recently I've been spending some time simulating
> my designs with Spectre/Affirma (Analog Environment):  Affirma Analog
> Circuit Design  I need to generate eye diagrams, so I'm
> plotting against a dummy sawtooth voltage source.  Unfortunately, this
> causes redraw lines which makes the plot look terrible.  If you switch to
> "data points only"-mode for the curves, you get thousands of rather large
> numbers on the plots.  This is okay, but the big numbers on the plots just
> don't look very good.  So here are my questions:
> 1.  When plotting in "data points only"-mode, is there a way to have Spectre
> plot small shapes (or dots) instead of the traditional curve numbers?  If
> not, is there any way to change the font size of the numbers (to "tiny") to
> make the plot more readable?  I assume that if such a feature exists, it
> would be an undocumented command-line command.
> 2.  Is there any way I can export the plot data to an ASCII format?  If not,
> does anyone have any ideas about the binary format specification for the
> "tran.tran" datafile that's generated by Spectre?  If I could figure out the
> format of this file, I could easily write a small program that will perform
> an ASCII conversion.  I'm aware that you can export PostScript versions of
> the plot, but if I could get the raw data as ASCII, I could generate the eye
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> Research Assistant
> Microelectronics Lab
> Department of Computer Science
> University of Pittsburgh

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Does anyone know an easy way to layout/schematic a large sram array.
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Moreover, when trying to generate the "butterfly diagram" for sram
read/write stability, anyone knows how do you put both curve on the
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