40,000 models/drawings free at McMaster-Carr


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  • 1. Can't creaat linear pattern
    i'm trying to design a wire shelf and can not creat a linear pattern of a sweep from the top plane down/up. It shows it in the preview but when i press ok, it disappears. Any suggestion?
  • 2. cosmetic thread
    Hi Is there a way to make a comestic thread in modeling to a round shaft and also a hole that was cut with just a sketch? Thank You
  • 3. How do I add a new Physical Property in the Materials DB?
    I have written a .Net application to centrally manage our Company's Materials Database. This application writes out a replacement "solidworks materials.sldmat" file containing all of our approved Materials. This works great so far, with all users pointed to this main database. I would like to utilize the Physical Properties section to show a reference to the Material ID in the SQL database used by the .Net application. This will allow us to write an add-in that accesses data in our Agile CM system. The problem is that I can't seem to find a unused "physicalproperties" element (in the sldmaterials.xsd) where SW doesn't convert the value. Both the Poissons (NUXY) and Thermal Expansion (ALPX) elements are presented in the Physical Properties window without conversion. I have tried all of the unused elements, but all end up as converted values. Example: <NUXZ displayname="Material ID" value="53" /> Becomes: Material ID 0.0341935 N/in^2 Instead of: Material ID 53 I have also created a new complextype in the .xsd, and assigned the Material ID value to this type. Same result! SW seems to want to convert everything but Poissons and Thermal Expansion! I have searched high and low trying to find where SW "maps" which values to perform conversions on - no dice. So, I am asking for your help - how can I make this program behave?!? Thanks in advance for your assistance! Eric
  • 4. Decal throught transparent material Q
    I have been trying to simulate a silkscreen graphic on one side of a transparent Plexi part. The decal would be printed with white, then the graphics on top, so the effect would be on the front side to see the graphic, but on the back side to only see white. I have been doing these very simply using PW system options to use SW materials, not physical materials. I have simply selected white material, and changes the transparency to 60%. Great thing about this is it renders really fast, even with a lot of graphic applied. I have tried without success to: 1. select the face and make it non-transparent. This looks correct on screen and rendered, but as soon as there is a decal, regardless of the decal setting, it shows through from the back. 2. apply a white decal under the image decal. I would think this should work since the stacking order of decals does work, but it may not like or recognise white? Looks the same with the other image coming through. I actually have 2 decals already stacked - a logo, and an image under it. That looks correct from both sides, i.e. the logo as the top decal shows only from the first side, but is blocked by the image below it when viewed from the other side. 3. I also tried making a surface offset to apply to graphics onto, but that does not work either. Anyone with a trick up their sleeve? Daniel
  • 5. Smarteam Catia V5
    Ciao a tutti, ho un grossissimo problema e volevo sapere se qualcuno pu?aiutarmi. Devo comprare l'hardware per gestire il Vault Server del PDM Smarteam della Dassault Systemes e volevo sapere se qualcuno ha gi?configurato un server e pu?darmi qualche consiglio sulle caratteristiche dalla macchina. Gli utenti che dovranno collegarsi saranno all'incirca 70. Grazie mille per l'aiuto.

40,000 models/drawings free at McMaster-Carr

Postby western1812 » Sat, 16 Apr 2005 01:33:32 GMT


Has most Solidworks models for direct download.

Very detailed and great for running COSMOS prior to construction.


Re: 40,000 models/drawings free at McMaster-Carr

Postby Mr. Me » Sat, 16 Apr 2005 10:18:36 GMT

I clicked on at least 20 assorted items and no models.  Do you have a 
specific example?

Re: 40,000 models/drawings free at McMaster-Carr

Postby Keith Streich » Sat, 16 Apr 2005 22:01:37 GMT

We had the McMaster boys in on 4-13-05 and they were asking about
suggestions, changes and how we used their website.  The first thing which
popped into my mind was to make their 3D models more accessible.

Instead of searching and searching down through all their items, then
entering given specifications, then showing if there was an available
models, just get me to the parts.  If something is exactly as I require,
great, they are number one on the vendor list.  If not, let me modify an
available model/solid for my requirements and I'll search for vendors later,
but I'll get my work done.

They could be a great source for part data and part dimensional

Give me your thoughts, I'm sure they are still open for suggestions and I'm
positive they don't watch this group.

I just thought it would be nice to see what everyone else thought.

Keith Streich
Pflow Industries, Inc
6720 North Teutonia Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53209

(414) 352-9000
(414) 352-9002 FAX
(414) 247-9809 x124 Direct


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