40,000 models/drawings free at McMaster-Carr


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  • 1. How do I edit design library features?
    I would like to put a design library feature in a sheet metal part, but want to be able to edit, for example, the height or overall size. The "Edit feature" shortcut is not available, nor is editing the sketch a help. Any ideas? Thanks
  • 2. Assembly level custom props to part docs
    Assembly level custom props to part docs I am trying to (to see if I can) have custom properties, in an assembly, be propagated down thru the part files, *without code* anyone have any tricks? Ill even go from Assy -> dwg-> part if I have to....
  • 3. Slightly OT: K-Factor?
    Okay. I'm trying to calculate a K-factor for use with my bent part. Here's what I know: -bend angle (BA) is 90 degrees -material thickness (T) is .0625 -bend radius is (BR) .03125 -Flat length (FL) is 4 inches -Bent leg outside length 1 (OL1) is 2.0625 inches -Bent leg outside length 2 (OL2) is 2.0625 inches Here's the formula I use to reverse engineer the K-factor: Bend Deduction (BD) = OL1 + OL2 - FL Outside Setback (OS) = (Tan(BA/2))* )T + BR) Bend Allowance (BA) = (2 * OS) - BD K-Factor = (-BR + (BA / (pi * BA / 180)))/T When I input all of my values into this mess, I get a K-Factor of 1.320303226. I'm pretty sure that's not right, as the K-factor can't be over 1 (right)? Using a small program called Plus-Bend to do the same thing, I get a value of .14 (the program rounds it). I believe that value to be correct. Can anybody help me figure out where I'm going wrong--is it the formula, my math, or something else? I basically want to be able to use the known variables given above to calculate the K factors for the various materials I'll be bending. I'm new to this so it's a little confusing. Please let me know if you need more info than I've given here. Thanks! Brian
  • 4. help please-micro neuro surgery is easier than editing SW drawing template!!
    Teddy throwing time is very fast approaching... What seems, on the face of it, a simple task, in reality turns out to be impossible. For me. I'm trying to make my own A4 drawing template, with things like a fixed company name, edited in tolerances etc, with dimension fonts and sizes set how I want them etc etc. The dimension fonts etc is the one thing I can do with success it seems. I'm finding that if I choose to edit sheet format, I can edit the tolerances as I require. But what I am left with seems to be a drawing that is trapped in 'edit sheet format' mode, and annotations that I put in before selecting 'edit sheet format' are now gone into the digital ether. I can't find a way out of this. If I then save it as a template, then use it in a drawing, when I put in a part view I just get the box that would normally contain the model view. I've asked a few Q's on this, and the replies say 'just do this, just do that, no problemmo'. Umm, yes problemmo for me... Could a kind soul give me an IQzero's instruction (or link to) on how to do this please, like: 1 Plug in PC and turn it on. 2 Sit within reach of PC. 3 Run SW 2004 4 Open a drawing template Its after 4 it turns to sh1t..... thanks !!

40,000 models/drawings free at McMaster-Carr

Postby western1812 » Sat, 16 Apr 2005 01:33:32 GMT


Has most Solidworks models for direct download.

Very detailed and great for running COSMOS prior to construction.


Re: 40,000 models/drawings free at McMaster-Carr

Postby Mr. Me » Sat, 16 Apr 2005 10:18:36 GMT

I clicked on at least 20 assorted items and no models.  Do you have a 
specific example?

Re: 40,000 models/drawings free at McMaster-Carr

Postby Keith Streich » Sat, 16 Apr 2005 22:01:37 GMT

We had the McMaster boys in on 4-13-05 and they were asking about
suggestions, changes and how we used their website.  The first thing which
popped into my mind was to make their 3D models more accessible.

Instead of searching and searching down through all their items, then
entering given specifications, then showing if there was an available
models, just get me to the parts.  If something is exactly as I require,
great, they are number one on the vendor list.  If not, let me modify an
available model/solid for my requirements and I'll search for vendors later,
but I'll get my work done.

They could be a great source for part data and part dimensional

Give me your thoughts, I'm sure they are still open for suggestions and I'm
positive they don't watch this group.

I just thought it would be nice to see what everyone else thought.

Keith Streich
Pflow Industries, Inc
6720 North Teutonia Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53209

(414) 352-9000
(414) 352-9002 FAX
(414) 247-9809 x124 Direct


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