If Q-Link could be resurrected...



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If Q-Link could be resurrected...

Postby microman » Fri, 28 Nov 2003 11:46:48 GMT

what would you want it to provide?
What would you do with it?
What kind of interface would you want?
Would it be commerical or free?
What are some of the technical challenges you can think of?
Do you have the technical knowledge to help rebuild it, and would you want

dream some dreams...

Re: If Q-Link could be resurrected...

Postby Matthew Montchalin » Fri, 28 Nov 2003 12:09:07 GMT

|what would you want it to provide?

A text interface.

|What would you do with it?

Post messages to Usenet.

|What kind of interface would you want?

C-128 keyboard.

|Would it be commerical or free?

Twenty bucks a month, payable in advance for two years at a pop.

|What are some of the technical challenges you can think of?

Petascii sounds like a nice medium for the body of the messages.

|Do you have the technical knowledge to help rebuild it, and would you
|want to?

We have to start from square one, and do it differently.

Re: If Q-Link could be resurrected...

Postby Jeff Ledger » Fri, 28 Nov 2003 13:18:33 GMT

Multi-user chat
File Downloads  (Commodore .d64)
Message areas


Pet Interface, requiring a real 64.

free (They charged enough for it in the 80's)

Rebuilding from scratch

One of my pet projects.  --Working on it---
Now, If I just had a clone to run my business so I could spend more time
with it.

Jeff (Aka Oldbitcollector)

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Re: If Q-Link could be resurrected...

Postby tbone » Fri, 28 Nov 2003 13:19:47 GMT

what is q-link ??

Re: If Q-Link could be resurrected...

Postby shephed » Fri, 28 Nov 2003 13:43:42 GMT

AOL when it was worth paying for. :-D


Re: If Q-Link could be resurrected...

Postby bck_merced » Fri, 28 Nov 2003 15:28:04 GMT

Q-Link was a online service that allowed you to use your C= 64 or C= 128
to chat with people all over the USA and Canada.

It also had newsgroups and you could message people and buy things
online and even chat with some of the people who made Commodores and the

It was a neat service, they charged a fee of about $10 a month, they had
'extras' that cost you so much a minute, not sure how much it was?

Here is a neat webpage that talks about Q-link,

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Re: If Q-Link could be resurrected...

Postby wildstar » Fri, 28 Nov 2003 17:23:03 GMT

"Jeff Ledger" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in


If AOL revived Q-Link, yeah FREE. To bad, that AOL won't do that so whoever 
revives Q-Link will have to charge a certain amount to pay for the expenses 
that can't be simply omitted like someone volunteering to watch the system 
and sit on his {*filter*}eating popcorn and watching movies. I refer to 
replacement power supplies and those costs. Money need to come from 

Re: If Q-Link could be resurrected...

Postby steve » Fri, 28 Nov 2003 17:51:07 GMT

would be all for resurrecting Quantum Link. I used to use it back in
the day, and it was the coolest thing i'd ever seen. To this day, if i
ever strike it rich, im going to try to do it. But here is another

Ive seen this topic before, and read every post , of every thread. And
some "Teams"/Individuals, have even tried deciphering the program on
the Q-Link disk(s), and trying to develop a server-end program.
Wondering IF Q-Link could be ressurected, makes me ask myself a few
questions. 1) What would be involved in duplicating, or re-writing the
program to work 100% as it did. 2) Who would be involved in
programming, testing, and informing the community. All of this is
Hypothetical, just as my next sentence. Lets Hypothetically say I,
myself, have enough money to complete this project. Where would that
take us? Lots of people would use Q-Link, Most people would probably
pay monthly to use it, and alot of the initial investment would be
easily recuperated(sp?). WHO would start the project? How much money
would it take? Could Everyone who participates on this board be
involved in some aspect of the Project? If they wanted , of course.
With Broadband internet connections, 3000Mhz processors, and terbytes
of Disk Storage i think this is possible. And with the knowledge of
the people on this newsgroup, Im know it could happen. What would be
easier? Patch/Decipher/Re-Write the original, or come up with a Clone.
Make it available over the 'Net, or have a 1-800-QLINK64 dial-in
Number. Let any version of a c64 able to login, via Emulator, A Real
c64, or Both Dial-up, and "telnet" If there is a Genuine interest, and
alot of people want this to happen, would a good chunk of cash, and a
few CMD equipped c64 rigs, a few Decked out PC's, the 'Net and the
minds of the guys/girls on this newsgroup be enough to make it happen?
And let's say it does happen. Who's in control of the whole operation?
The investor(s), the programmer(s), the user(s)? Im probably reading
deeper than i should but i would Love to Dial in at 2400Bps with my
c64 into an 800 #, and use Q=Link Or 64-Link (Clone) all day/night
long. Streaming SIDS, talking on message boards... If you dont think
this would get onto Tech-TV, and start an all-out Commodore64 frenzy,
i dont know what would. Would there still be a need for Administrative
Accounts, Q-Link quides? Im all for it, and would do whatever needed
to make it happen. Sorry for the Short Novel, but i figured this time,
instead of just reading, and wondering/waiting, I would say something.
Imagine Chat Rooms for BBS's, Programming, Demo's, SIDS, SuperCPU,
Wings, GEOS, anything imaginable.

-Steve Bell

Matthew Montchalin < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news:< XXXX@XXXXX.COM >...

Re: If Q-Link could be resurrected...

Postby Pheuque » Fri, 28 Nov 2003 23:51:55 GMT

I think the way most of us handle online communication today would require
at least one major change.
I would want some way to hook up via Broadband that doesn't cripple my C64
for anything else.

This may sound like an absurd idea,  but is there any way to make a Compact
flash, or PCMCIA  adapter that sits on the USER port of commodore machine?
One that could handle accessing a WiFi card?

While I might be interested in accessing a revived  Q-link, I'm certainly
not going to want to do so over a phone line.

This device would really bring the service into a new era, and could also be
VERY useful for any Commodore fanatic since it would basically act like a

Another consideration that could offset startup costs, would be to create a
server that was actually a number of internet based PC's. Everyone who can
sit a PC on broadband connection could run a server application that would
make that machine part of a larger virtual computer server.

Let's face it, the modern PC is probably several times more powerful that
Q-Link's original VAX server.

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Re: If Q-Link could be resurrected...

Postby shephed » Sat, 29 Nov 2003 01:55:21 GMT

Build it, and we will come!

Re: If Q-Link could be resurrected...

Postby Impmon » Sat, 29 Nov 2003 08:57:40 GMT

On Wed, 26 Nov 2003 18:46:48 -0800, "microman" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

Everything AOL has except for the bombing, crashes, random disconnects,
flood of spams, and all those pop up ads.

Probably nothing.  Assuming I can get Q-Link up, I doubt there are
enough C64/128 users in the world to justify the cost of running online
service and have number of phone number in several cities.

No.  AOL today is what came out of Q-Link and look how it came.  A new
version every year, doesn't always work with most current Windows*, and
is so bloated they no longer offer AOL on floppy disk.

*Back when Win ME was new, AOL crashed and bombed a lot and didn't go
away until the next major AOL revision came out.  By then we got Win XP.
space for rent.
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Re: If Q-Link could be resurrected...

Postby Sam Gillett » Sat, 29 Nov 2003 13:16:14 GMT

Steve Bell wrote ...

Without quoting Steve's message fully, I will make a comment or two.  Best
that I recall, the original Q-Link ran on a few Unix machines, that would
have been considered to be mainframes in that day.  And I think storage
capacity was about 200 gigabytes.  Today a single multi-gigahertz desktop
could probably match the processing and storage capacity of the original

The complicated part would be connecting the necessary modem banks and/or
internet connections (in my humble opinion).

This assumes reverse engineering an original Q-Link disk well enough to
write new server-side software to interact with it correctly.

As for connecting with emulators, I think this might require a lot of work
by the VICE team.  As I understand it, VICE is the best emulator for games
and demos, but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to

Best regards,

Sam Gillett aka Mars Probe @ Starship Intrepid 1-972-221-4088

Re: If Q-Link could be resurrected...

Postby Sam Gillett » Sat, 29 Nov 2003 13:16:15 GMT

Impmon wrote ...

Yea, and I get the impression that Microsoft doesn't like AOL very much.
AOL crashing on each new version of Windows could be intentional.  A lot of
us use Windows for one reason or another.  But, we don't have to like
*everything* about it.

Best regards,

Sam Gillett aka Mars Probe @ Starship Intrepid 1-972-221-4088

Re: If Q-Link could be resurrected...

Postby microman » Sat, 29 Nov 2003 16:33:19 GMT

Somehow I knew my post would get several responses.  I'm so amazed with the
stories on slashdot.org about groups of hobbyists building amazing things.
I fully believe the technical talent to build a q-link server and the
interface software exists within this newsgroup.  It's the recurring cost of
maintaining the server(s) and the time commitments that I believe are the
biggest challenges.

I think it would have to start small, with someone's personal PC at home
serving up say 4 to 8 telnet clients at a time.  And when the demand got
bigger, someone else would have to put their PC online and link it to double
the number of users online.  Just getting that to work would probably spur a
lot more interest.  Build a hut before you build the whole village.

For now, comp.sys.cbm = 21st century q-link :)


Re: If Q-Link could be resurrected...

Postby Larry Anderson » Sun, 30 Nov 2003 09:20:33 GMT

* Make it availabe via the internet  (that way you won't have to deal with
crating localized connection methods or irate people with huge LD phone
* Make it compatible with a stock 64 (with necessary PPP modem drivers or 
TFE or RRnet cartridge)
* The impoortant parts would be the file exchange, chat, news postings and
discussion groups, and then if there is enoughh code to fit it in - on-line
* Original Q interface is ok, text/PETASCII, custom char-sets is preferred
(1mghz limits the graphics potential - throughput and rendering)
* If it's commerecial cost should be reasonable ($5 a month?)  We aren't
talking endless services possibilities here - don't price like the big
* The toughest challenge is the connection code for a 64k C64 with room for
modules (especially if accessing through a dial-up ISP via modem).

Do you?

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