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    I have a report in C5b. I need to be able to print to dot matrix/bubble jet, and laser printers. On the report we need a dividing line between the header and the detail. When I use a variable with '=' character, on the dot matrix it prints fine, but on bubble jet/laser it doesn't go all the way across. If I use a LINE, the dot matrix wont print it (cause it doesnt print graphics characters). What I want to do is use both. When it goes to the print preview, I show the LINE and HIDE the Variable'='. If they decided to print, then I want to HIDE the LINE and UNHIDE the Variable'='. Where can I change this between the preview and the actual printing (or can I)? BTW, the preview does the same as the bubble-jet/laser printers, the '=' doesn't go all the way across, so I need it to show the line, even if the printer is going to print the '='. Any ideas? -- Jason XXXX@XXXXX.COM
  • 2. Sorry
    Sorry about the incorrect name in the From line in my last post.
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    I need to find out where to set the BINDABLE attribute for a GROUP structure. It is defined in my app's Global Data section, NOT in the dictionary. Can anyone tell me where to do this, if possible. Thanks. -- Jason XXXX@XXXXX.COM
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    All, The ASCII file driver by default is set to CLIP = on when writing records according to the documentation. I need to suppress the removal of the spaces at the end of the record. I have inserted the code below in numerous embed point to no avail. The system continues to clip the record before writing it. SEND(ITRON_DVI_ASC, 'CLIP = off') I am using Clarion 5.0EEb. Any ideas? Thanks, Julian
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    Can someone tell me how to delete a directory form clarion - withoug having a issue a dos command? Thanks, Fay

Read XML in Clarion

Postby jseijo » Fri, 03 Dec 2004 02:47:12 GMT

How can I do to read a file genereted for a card reader. The format of
this file is XML.

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