Need ANSI 837 control



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Need ANSI 837 control

Postby Robert Johnson » Sat, 01 Nov 2003 04:03:52 GMT

Hi all.  I am looking for a template or control to do ANSI 837 electronic
claims for Medicare.  Does anyone have one or know of one?  I had
communicated with Jim Highsmith at last year but he has
disappeared and the web site is down.  I need a solution ASAP.



Re: Need ANSI 837 control

Postby r jolda » Sat, 01 Nov 2003 11:20:48 GMT

Hi Robert,
We have an 837 solution.  I'll E Mail you privately.
Ron Jolda,

Re: Need ANSI 837 control

Postby SYNCHSYS » Mon, 03 Nov 2003 10:30:13 GMT


Please send me information as well.


Peter Rabolt
Synchronized Systems Inc

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best regards
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5.Need help understanding program control/flow.

Hi all! Newbie here.

Below is an example from Teach Yourself C in 21 Days. My apologies
if it is a bit long.

What I don't understand is how the "get_data" function can call the
"continue_function", and if NO is returned to "get_data", display_report
executes and the program ends? Basically I am having trouble understanding
the program flow within the "if" loop in the "main" function.

The "if" loops only initiates if cont=YES, so what happens if a function
in the loop(in this case get_data) gets cont=NO? Does this really mean
that if "something" within an "if" loop doesn't meet the condition of the  
the result is that the next statement below the "something" gets executed
and the the "if" loop is exited?

Hope I made myself clear.

Thanks in advance!

#include <stdio.h>

#define MAX   100
#define YES   1
#define NO    0

/* variables          */

long   income[MAX]; /* to hold incomes     */
int    month[MAX], day[MAX], year[MAX]; /* to hold birthdays */
int     x, y, ctr;   /* For counters        */
int     cont;  /* For program control */
long    month_total, grand_total;  /* For totals      */

/* function prototypes*/

int main(void);
int display_instructions(void);
void get_data(void);
void display_report(void);
int continue_function(void);

/* start of program   */

int main(void)
     cont = display_instructions();

     if ( cont == YES )     /* <================================ LOOK HERE!  
         printf( "\nProgram Aborted by User!\n\n");

    return 0;
  *  Function:  display_instructions()                        *
  *  Purpose:   This function displays information on how to  *
  *             use this program and asks the user to enter 0 *
  *             to quit, or 1 to continue.                    *
  *  Returns:   NO  - if user enters 0                        *
  *             YES - if user enters any number other than 0  *
int display_instructions( void )
    printf("\nThis program enables you to enter up to 99 people\'s ");
    printf("\nincomes and birthdays.  It then prints the incomes by");
    printf("\nmonth along with the overall income and overall average.");

    cont = continue_function();
    return( cont );
  *  Function:  get_data() *
  *  Purpose: This function gets the data from the user. It     *
  *           continues to get data until either 100 people are *
  *           entered, or until the user enters 0 for the month.*
  *  Returns: nothing *
  *  Notes:   This allows 0/0/0 to be entered for birthdays in  *
  *           case the user is unsure.  It also allows for 31   *
  *           days in each month.                               *

void get_data(void)
    for ( cont = YES, ctr = 0; ctr < MAX && cont == YES; ctr++ )
       printf("\nEnter information for Person %d.", ctr+1 );
       printf("\n\tEnter Birthday:");

           printf("\n\tMonth (0 - 12): ");
           scanf("%d", &month[ctr]);
       }while (month[ctr] < 0 || month[ctr] > 12 );

           printf("\n\tDay (0 - 31): ");
           scanf("%d", &day[ctr]);
       }while ( day[ctr] <  0 || day[ctr] > 31 );

           printf("\n\tYear (0 - 2002): ");
           scanf("%d", &year[ctr]);
       }while ( year[ctr] < 0 || year[ctr] > 2002 );

       printf("\nEnter Yearly Income (whole dollars): ");
       scanf("%ld", &income[ctr]);

       cont = continue_function();  /*  
<===================================== LOOK HERE! */
    /* ctr equals the number of people that were entered.    */
  *  Function: display_report()                              *
  *  Purpose:  This function displays a report to the screen *
  *  Returns:  nothing                                       *
  *  Notes:    More information could be printed.            *

void display_report()
     grand_total = 0;
     printf("\n\n\n");                   /* skip a few lines   */
     printf("\n        SALARY SUMMARY");
     printf("\n        ==============");

     for( x = 0; x <= 12; x++ )  /* for each month, including 0*/
        month_total = 0;
        for( y = 0; y < ctr; y++ )
            if( month[y] == x )
                month_total += income[y];
        printf("\nTotal for month %d is %ld", x, month_total);
        grand_total += month_total;
     printf("\n\nReport totals:");
     printf("\nTotal Income is %ld", grand_total);
     printf("\nAverage Income is %ld", grand_total/ctr );

     printf("\n\n* * * End of Report * * *\n");
  * Function: continue_function()                                  *
  * Purpose:  This function asks the user if they wish to continue.*
  * Returns:  YES - if user wishes to continue                     *
  *           NO - if user wishes to quit                          *

int continue_function( void )
     printf("\n\nDo you wish to continue? (0=NO/1=YES): ");
     scanf( "%d", &x );

     while( x < 0 || x > 1 )
         printf("\n%d is invalid!", x);
         printf("\nPlease enter 0 to Quit or 1 to Continue: ");
         scanf("%d", &x);
     if(x == 0)

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