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  • 1. Drill down from reports
    I had asked Larry Teames at CPCS about this and he wasn't aware of anyone who'd come up with a way to do it so I'm throwing it out to there.... I have a few customers who have recently upgraded to our product from QuickBooks. One of the cool things that QuickBooks does that I'd really like to implement is drill down from within a generated report. I have incorporated drill down capability from several windows/ listboxes within the program...but I have no clue on how I'd do this from a generated report. "Drill Down," just to be clear, in this case means the ability to click, right-click, etc. on a printed record to see a report showing how that information was arrived at. Example: printing a Trial Balance report, right-clicking on the Office Supplies account line would display a report showing all transactions for put to Office Supplies. I eagerly await any and all creative solutions! Ed Talbott
  • 2. TPS to csv
    I need a programmer to make a tps to csv converter for me. I use topscan but it takes to long and has no real way to use the command line to do many files at once. Anyone able to help?
  • 3. Can't figure out when to use ?
    Hi Please see following code I put into an embed. ISS:ISS_STATUS and ISS:ISS_CLOSEDATE are columns in one table. Simply can't figure out why this does not work. Somone on the list was kind enough to educate me about the use of the "?" and I've tried to follow his instructions but I'm beat. The embed is getting called - I put "Message()" at each point in the IF clause and that fires predictably. Can someone, please, help me with the use of the "?" Thanks Iyer IF ?ISS:ISS_STATUS = 'C' ISS:ISS_CLOSEDATE{PROP:Enabled} = 1 ISS:ISS_CLOSEDATE = TODAY() ELSE ISS:ISS_CLOSEDATE{PROP:Enabled} = 0 END
  • 4. PROP:breakvar
    I have a browse with several tabs and I want a report with each tab but with breaks that reflect the tab selected. I wanted to use one report and use PROP:Breakvar to change the Break variable but I cannot get it to work even though I use the exact example supplied with the help. Has anyone used PROP:Breakvar and if so is there a trick? I tried bothe SETTARGET(REPORT) and REPORT$?Break1 approach but neither worked. Thanks Dave

Install on Windows XP Pro...

Postby RBA » Mon, 16 Aug 2004 03:32:21 GMT

Hello all,

I am attempting to install Clarion 5.5 then 6.0 upgrade on XP Pro... (all
updates applied).  I get an "Access Violation" error after entering the user
name, organization and serial number.... only option is to quit.

Installed OK on Windows 2000 computer (gave an error message when I first
started it, but it seemed OK after that)  ... Win2K is not the development
platform I use.... is there something about XP that Clarion doesn't like?


Re: Install on Windows XP Pro...

Postby Ron G. Rusk » Tue, 17 Aug 2004 22:19:25 GMT

Don't think you can upgrade 5.5 to 6.0 ?!

Re: Install on Windows XP Pro...

Postby Drazen Karamatic » Tue, 17 Aug 2004 22:33:19 GMT

Negdje na newsima, RBA adresiran na robin @


C6.0 is another installation and it's got nothing to do with installation of 

Make clean install of C6 without installing anything else and it will work

Sve je to jedna velika zavjera ;-)


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