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Bind and Evaluate

Postby ikrami2000 » Sun, 18 Jan 2009 19:06:08 GMT

I have one queue like :

Name : ikrami
Value : 100

Name : Karim
Value : 200

Name : Hady
Value : 150

now when i want to evaluate some values like :

ikrami    it will return 100

but if i put like a formula does not work :

ikrami + karim     return empty

i am doing it one time like :

Evaluate (clip(Equation))   ! Which  equation = ikrami + karim

this one give me empty

and if i put loop before BIND   it's return last value for last record
in the Queue

Re: Bind and Evaluate

Postby pblais » Mon, 19 Jan 2009 01:54:43 GMT

equation = 'ikrami + karim' ! note the quotes

Answer = EVALUATE(Equation)

   You probably screwed up the equation

Equations are ALWAYS a string (or CString)
results are always a string, but you can use Clarions auto type
conversion if you expect a number.  What you got ins the equation was
the addition of two strings and that is always zero

 Paul Blais -  Hayes, {*filter*}ia

Re: Bind and Evaluate

Postby ikrami2000 » Mon, 19 Jan 2009 04:25:11 GMT

I am agree with you , but if i have two fields in the same record i
can do this equation for example :

ID         Value1          Value2         Value3
1           10              20             30

x = Evalauate(Value1 + Value2 )

x = 30

i did this

but my problem now that i have like :

Name       Value
value1      10
Value2      20
Value3      30

so  x = Evaluate(Value1)
x = 10

but if i put   x = Evaluate(Value1 + Value2)   return  empty

this is the problem

Re: Bind and Evaluate

Postby pblais » Mon, 19 Jan 2009 10:29:13 GMT

Evaluate only knows the string as input the fields are already bound
as well. depending on the driver

Change the expression to this and it will work:

x = Evaluate('Value1 + Value2')  ! you need the single quotes

 Paul Blais -  Hayes, {*filter*}ia

Re: Bind and Evaluate

Postby ikrami2000 » Mon, 19 Jan 2009 14:41:47 GMT

I found it

Loop H# = 1 To Records(Formula_Que)
   Result = Evaluate(Value1 + Value2)

Now it's ok evaluate from Queue

But i have small question :

if the field  with space not working

Evaluate(value1 + Value2)  ok

Evaluate(Value1 + CRM Server)  not working because  space in ( CRM

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