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    We are out of the office for the weekend, but will be answering all mail when we return. (Dec 18-21) Thank you for your patience, and have a happy holiday. Sincerely, Gitano Software
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    I seem to be seeing more and more calls for help on strange C6 problems and the worrying aspect is that no answers are forthcoming - does this mean there are no solutions or simply nobody with the knowledge to answer the questions? Some recent examples: Out of memory - "No problem in C55 but when I try to load this app in C6 I receive an "Out of memory (heap overflow)" error." Lookup Lists - "I seem to have a problem with calling lookup lists in my newly converted Clarion 6 apps. Anyone know of any specific problems with Clarion 6 and XP Home edition?" EIP Checkbox - "I apologize for being a pest, but I am still having a problem with the EIP checkbox. Does anyone have a list of all of the steps needed to add a properly functioning EIP checkbox to a clarion 6 app? I thank you in advance for your assistance!" Parameter Passing - "If I try to use the thread and pass parameters I get errors in the compile. Can someone explain to me how to use the threading and pass parameters to call the dll?" View Error - "I am converting an app from C55g to C60 and received the error below when trying to insert a new record. I've never seen this before and it obviously didn't occur in my C55g app." This is a worry for anyone contemplating upgrading. Theo von Solms
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    Hi group, While my application I used the exe broker. There where no problems when executing the application. When I try the same application on the dll broker I have on 1 screen this problem: When I push on the save button nothing happens, only a refresh of the screen. Saving isn't possible. When I save on another screen something else, there are no problems. The IIS is configured correctly. I used the application broker manuel to configure it and I doubled checked all the settings also. Is there else something I have to check/control ? Thx for tips in advance, gr Bernd
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    We've faced a strange error: opening first a browse and a form and then another files browse and a form causes this error 37. The file that this error refrerences is not updated on these screens, just used in one file drop combo. We are using C55h ABC. Our client that got this error (randomly) changed a NT workstation to a new XP workstation. And after that these errors occured. The server has NT4sp6. Any ideas? Mikko

Web Builder Templates

Postby Mike Richards » Sun, 03 Apr 2005 03:49:29 GMT

I have clarion 6.1 Enterprise.
I can't find the web builder templates ?

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