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  • 1. Dedupelication - Need advice on programming-techniques
    Hi! I'm i the beginning on a project. The goal is to find, mark and optionally remove duplicates from within one file, or beween several files. - Another program imports and standardized the inputfiles into tps-format, or opt. ms-sql. - In one file there can be several registers with different priority. - Secondary file can be a "stop-file", e.g. dead-people. - Number of records can be from 100 to 10.000.000 I'm wondering if I should: - Make phonetic keys in the actual file, set keys and loop the file and compare records and update. - Make ph. keys in a queue, get(q,field1, field2...) if error() and so on. Update the file in the end - Combination of file and queue. - Other ways? Fuzzy match?? Anyone done something like this before, and want to share some thoughts? I'm looking for the fastest way, that's important especially when dealing with big files I really appreciate your answers! H.O.
  • 2. How to merge 2 TPS files
    My app was running in 2 separate folders/directories. Now I need to merge the 2 tranaction files. One has transactions numbered 1 through 50000 the other has transations numbered 1 through 300. Now I need to append the 300 transactions at the end of the 50000 renumbering them so that they start from 50001. Where do I start? Sim
  • 3. Rebase in C6 Gold
    Hi All... I have a Multi DLL App with 35 DLL's, Main.EXE, and the Global.DLL. I've used all the available Rebase addresses in C6 500000 - 06F000 (EXE at 400000) , but still haven't rebase some DLL's cause I have to use 2 addresses for the Bigger DLL's. What will be the Next Safe area to use for rebasing the rest. Using CarlBase and sofar the DLL's looks fine with the Current Addresses, but need some extra... Thanx for the Help Danie
  • 4. create report fields at runtime?
    Hi everyone I have a report with a blank detail line, it is there but no fields defined on it. How do I create fields at runtime. Report layout as follows report REPORT,AT(250,854,10500,6698),PRE(RPT),FONT('Times New Roman',8,,FONT:regular,CHARSET:ANSI),PREVIEW(PRE:PageImage), | LANDSCAPE,THOUS HEADER,AT(250,250,10500,646),USE(?Header1) END Detail DETAIL,AT(,,,208),USE(?Detail) END END At runtime I want to assign fields to the report. I use the CREATE(G#,CREATE:sstring,W",?Detail) where g# is the field number, W" will be the variable name. I also tried to assign the use varaiable after the create G#{PROP:use} = W" Yes, I remembered the settarget and the unhide commands The control gets created but I cannot get it relative to the beginning of the detail line. I tried G#{Prop:XPos} = XPOS G#{Prop:YPos} = YPOS What is the proper statement to create these variables: The help file is very vague. How do I assign properties to this created variable, e.g. I want it to print red under certain conditions. Now the stupid question, I thought you create the control once in the beginning and then just run through the file and print(rpt:detail). Every time it should then print the line. Surely you do not have to create the detail line everytime before you print it. Thanks Guys
  • 5. App with SecWin i loading very, very slow
    I have an application (EXE, 2 DLL's) which was built using C5EE and SecWin. Application is loading very slow through the network (Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Workstation, 100Mbit). It takes about 40 seconds! If I run it locally, everything works fine. The same effect is when I use other security templates (DAS Security or SuperSecurity). Anybody knows how can I manage this problem? Greetings, Darek Boncler

Web Builder Templates

Postby Mike Richards » Sun, 03 Apr 2005 03:49:29 GMT

I have clarion 6.1 Enterprise.
I can't find the web builder templates ?

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I love the web builder templates concept (dual applications, fast
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web builder is not a silver bullet, but i think that, the most valuable
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I am trying to a popup calendar to my webbuilder app,,,
there was a skeleton on steve parkers download site, but i couldnt get
it working

so i tried several html and javascript ones on the web without sucess
as i can't understand how to get the result of the functions to post
to my clarion database.

if anyone has a skeleton that works or ideas
it would be appreciated.


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