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  • 1. C5.5EE :: Strange Behavior with ActiveX Controls
    When attempting to preview a window which containes an ActiveX control (i.e. the MS Windows ActiveX Calendar Compoent) the following error message is generated ... "32-Bit OCX Used in 16-bit Application" The Project target type and OS are .EXE and Windows 32-bit respectively. The project compiles and appears to run fine. Is a patch of some sort required to remove this message within Window preview mode? - Kevin Willis XXXX@XXXXX.COM
  • 2. Relation Trees
    I have the following tables displayed in a relation tree Customer Invoices (related by Customer Id) Products (related by Product SKU) If I am on Level 3 ie Products and I want to know the Customer ID without having to click on the Customer Level of the relation tree, how do I do it ? Thanks Jesmond
  • 3. Off topic - how to enable cookies for browser
    This is off topic but I'm stuck and need help. My browser(s) are telling me that by browser does not support cookies and to consult the system administator. This is an XP home machine and my logon is the admin logon. Somehow something has caused this problem and I can't fix it. If I go to the internet options in the Control panel it seems as though the settings allow cookies. Does anyone have any idea how I can resolve this? It started with me trying to upgrade one of my capesoft tools thru clarionshop but I can't process my order because of this cookie problem. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks - Ed Campbell
  • 4. Tooltip display time
    I'm using C5.5 and regularly use tooltips on various controls, etc. For a demo version of an app, I would like to extend the amount of time that the tooltip displays (normal seems to be around 5 seconds). Is there a place that the default time can be modified (or maybe eliminated, where the tip will only close upon movement of the mouse ) ? Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Byron
  • 5. Clarion 2.1 Dos extension Putkbd.bin missing !!!!
    Hello, I am a french user of clarion 2.1 and I have some old software to update but I miss putkbd.bin file which was supply with the technical "journal" of clarion Dos is missing ! If anyone was got it, thanks to mail me a copy. Fred

Web Builder Templates

Postby Mike Richards » Sun, 03 Apr 2005 03:49:29 GMT

I have clarion 6.1 Enterprise.
I can't find the web builder templates ?

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