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  • 1. SQL Database Maintenance template uploaded
    I've uploaded to icetips.com the file sqlmaint.zip. It contains a template and an example app and dictionary, along with an RTF documentation file. The template will create and maintain your databases at runtime based on your dictionary. Dan
  • 2. Dreamweaver, ODBC problems
    hi, i am using DW MX 8 to connect to a tps database using the tps ODBC Driver. i am able to connect to it using a local DSN, and view the tables within dreamweaver. However when i try to access the database using my web server- Win 2003 Small business server- , dreeamweaver connects, but gives the following error message: "Unable to retrieve tables" This occurs on both the Win XP Pro SP2 machine and the Mac OS X machine. Have checked and re-checked the DSN settings on the server and they match the ones on the Win XP Machine exactly. any suggestions on where to go? thanks in advance
  • 3. BrowseGrid Template Problems
    I am using the BrowseGrid template with Clarion 6.3 and it works pretty well but I have two problems. 1. There are no scroll bars or up/down arrows even though I have asked for them in the list box. Users think that what is displayed is all there is. I would prefer to have real arrows rather than just text suggesting the user to scroll down. 2. I have not checked the Options Boxed box but there is still a box around the group which my users would prefer to lose. However, I can't seem to get rid of it. Any help for either or both of these questions would be gratefully accepted. Thanks Dave Alexander
  • 4. Clarion/Topspeed ODBC Driver - Access using PHP
    Can anyone here confirm if this is actually possible? I have the ODBC driver and need simple access to a single TPS file (to pull availability information for a client's online booking system). The query is a relatively simple one : select * from avail where avail.sdate=75142 I can't see a reason why this fails. I've tried passing the date as a clarion date (numeric) and as a formatted string (yyyy/mm/dd) but continually receive the following error : SQL error: [TopSpeed Corp.][TopSpeed ODBC Driver]Invalid operand for operator: =, SQL state S0000 The avail table contains 6 fields, one of which is a date, one a descripive string and the others give numeric availability detail for that particular date (at least, according to the application's documentation that's the structure). Can anyone shed any light on this? What exactly causes that error and what's necessary to correct it? I'm sure it's a basic error but so far I've wasted several hours trying to work it out. My experience is mainly with PHP & MySQL so it's more than likely I'm doing something stupid. Thanks, Jim. -- Signed/Encrypted mail preferred. gnuPG Key ID C16FABDF. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ Sysadmin Say : Nil Coitus Alto ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Web Builder Templates

Postby Mike Richards » Sun, 03 Apr 2005 03:49:29 GMT

I have clarion 6.1 Enterprise.
I can't find the web builder templates ?

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