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  • 1. Receipt printers - yet again
    Surely there MUST be someone out there with an app that issues receipts on an ESCPOS receipt printer but prints reports on a standard printer. I have yet to find a solution that works! I used to use Nova LINEPRINT to write to a COM port which is great but it doesn't write to a USB bus. COM port days seem to be history although there are some around. I need a reliable method that will print to a presassigned device whether LPT/COM/USB. I have seen code bits around but nothing complete. Anyone have a working solution? Sim Sherer
  • 2. USB printer - Attn Tom Ruby
    I don't think you want to list lpt.clw as an external source. It's an ABc class, so you want to include the .inc at the top of a module, like INCLUDE('LPT.INC'),ONCE --
  • 3. Capesoft Winevent and USB Modem
    Hi I need to conect to a USB modem, to send and receive message. Is it possible with capesoft winevent_ [] Julio.
  • 4. Image on report changes size
    Hi Steve, Paper size and default printer paper is enlarging the preview, maybe? I've seen similar things when using receipt printers and the default printer is an A4 laser printer, the preview blows up the whole report? Try setting the preview to no resize? Or, always set the default printer and paper to whatever the receipt printer is? Regards, Geoff B "Steve Bywaters" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > What's with Clarion's image display on reports? (This is C5.5) > > I have a perfectly respectable GIF, which I laid out to display at > 'default': > > HEADER,AT(10,13,188,25) > IMAGE('mamlogo2.gif'),AT(0,5),USE(?Image1),CENTERED > STRING('Heading'),AT(42,4),USE(?String1),TRN,FONT('Bookman > Old Style',14,,600,CHARSET:ANSI) > END > > As you can see from the pic below, the view in the layout looks fine - but > the report itself then alters the size, blows it up somewhat, and makes it > fuzzy! > > Why does it resize? > How to fix? > > S. > >

Web Builder Templates

Postby Mike Richards » Sun, 03 Apr 2005 03:49:29 GMT

I have clarion 6.1 Enterprise.
I can't find the web builder templates ?

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