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  • 1. True page loaded MySQL browses
    I've uploaded the template (for non-ABC) and class (for ABC) for doing true page loading in MySQL browses to File name is Dan
  • 2. Changing the customer number using CPCS lookup button
    Hello. I have an update form that I created using CW55PE in a legacy application. I have a customer number entry field on a work order form that I would like to be able to change it if necessary. I also have a CPCS lookup button next the to customer number entry field. The problem is if I select a customer from the browse that is invoked by the CPCS lookup button the display fields are updated on the form, but the customer number entry field is not changed nor is it saved when the okay button is pressed. Any ideas?
  • 3. Display RTF Field in a Browse
    I would like to create a RTF data field to display in a browse. Does anyone know how to do this?
  • 4. form editor
    Looking for a tool to integrate a form editor that allows for the building of a particular form from a selected set of CW dictionary fields by the client with added field descriptions, and then when the CW app is started the new customised form is displayed in the system. This is to customise the appearance for a form to match a loan application form. Different loan origination companies have different loan application forms (different data required) and I would like to give the client the ability to build (design) their own application form (based on a set of predefined fields etc) and then have this as the loan application 'update form' automatically when they start the Clarion loan application app (the alternative is to code the update form as per each customers requirements). Do you have any ideas on this or know of anybody who has done something similar in Clarion, or could point me in the right direction?

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