Clarion for DOS (v2.1) Language Reference Manual



  • 1. Documentation or user manual help
    Where can i get the documentation or user manual for clarion? I am new user of clarion 5.5. I don know where to start. I have tried to find the online documentation about clarion, but i found none. wat is the best Book for clarion?
  • 2. Row height
    Is it possible to change row height in a listbox? There is nothing like PROP:RowHeight, or at least not in a manual.
  • 3. executing dos type commands and files without showing black box!
    Ok, I have played around with enumerating the windows, and then using API such as showwindow, with '0' for hide, and I can successfully hide whatever windows I feel like hiding.. I though that would do my trick.. That I'd enumerate and find the handle for a dos box after it opened and then set for it to hide.. I don't know if I was thinking it was going to be really quick or what, but of course I am still having that black box pop up and disturb the user.. Basically the black window comes up because I am executing a file that I pass commands through, that has no user input after its executed, it just processes and then its done and closes.. But I don't want this box to ever pop up! So ideally what I need to do is.. Open or start a command prompt, maybe right when my program executes, and it stays open on its own thread and handle, but gets hidden.. then pass commands to it while its hidden, essentially executing stuff without bringing up a new command window.. I'm tossing ideas through my head, so if someone can give me some hints here on what else I should do, That'd be awesome! Essentially, I need to some how tell a window that it should not be shown, before it ever gets opened and shown in the first place, sounds tricky.. HELP! Thanks guys Scott Tabor
  • 4. "Help" programs
    Can someone recommend a "help" program that is easy to use and that is compatible with C6. Thanks Dick Foster

Clarion for DOS (v2.1) Language Reference Manual

Postby Scott » Sun, 21 Aug 2005 00:08:54 GMT

I am seeking to purchase a couple of Clarion for DOS (yes, DOS) version
2.108 Language Reference Manuals.

If you have one of these in good condition that you'd be willing to
part with, please email me to let me know what you'll take for it.


Re: Clarion for DOS (v2.1) Language Reference Manual

Postby Evikatal » Wed, 24 Aug 2005 04:18:11 GMT

Hi !
Check your mail ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM ).


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