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    On Wed, 23 May 2007 18:48:52 +0200, Norman Perelson wrote: > I installed Windows Vista Home Basic on a new computer today. Because this > was my first hands-on experiance with the operating system that 'everyone' > reported cannot switch to full screen textual mode, the first thing I did > was load one of my old Clipper programs and press Alt-Enter to see what > would happen. Surprise! It switched to full screen mode. I tried several > other programs, including Microsoft's 'Command Prompt' and an Xbase++ 1.82 > 'VIO' program, and they all behaved perfectly - switching to full-screen > and back again with Alt-Enter. > > Thank you Microsoft. Now if you would just stop decorating the desktop with > dumb widgets (who needs another clock or a miniature photo album), and stop > inventing new names for old features (for example 'My Computer' is now > called 'Computer', and desktop 'Properties' bacame 'Preferences'), I might > even like Vista. It has nothing to do with vista but with the video driver. What graphics card this PC has and what driver you use? Regards Mike Evans
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    Hi.. I have an old clipper 5.2 app that I use only occasionally. It was hogging CPU. So I put in some code like this: ft_onIdle( { || ft_iamidle(30, .T.) } ) It worked like magic. NTVDM CPU utilisation dropped to around 25%. Then, to deal with a non-clipper DOS app which was hogging the CPU, I installed a trial of TameDOS, which would work for about 5 minutes and then lock cmd.exe altogether. So I decided to live with that one and remove TameDOS. The problem is that, now, my clipper 5.2 app which was working prior to the TameDOS eval, (with the help of ft_onIdle & ft_iamidle from NFPAT1A), now hogs 100% of the CPU ... regardless of the intensity parameter passed to ft_iamidle .. a range of values from 1 to 100 .. the app now hogs the CPU. I'm running XP SP2. Has anyone encountered this before? Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks Richard
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    I'm in the process of converting our big clipper application to harbour. We use ADS extensive and I have problems finding the correct coresponding syntax from clipper in harbour. Normal DBF access works fine but how can I translate the following clipper ADS Syntax to harbour: AX_DRIVER(),AX_TRANSACTION(), AX_UNLOCK(), AX_RLOCK(), AX_GETLOCKS(), AX_LOCKOWNER(), AX_KEYNO() and others Please help how can I convert clipper ADS in harbour ADS. Juergen
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    I may have found a bug in xHarbour for MS-VC 6.0 binaries and Borland C ++ 5.5 binaries. x := "September 1, 2012" ? ctod( x ) ==> 01/20/2000 (should be an empty date, as in clipper and dbase) Oddly, using 'August 29, 2007' as x - result is an empty date. Odd, huh?

Blinker Executable Clipper

Postby julian1984 » Thu, 13 Jan 2005 11:23:05 GMT


I use Clipper 5.2e + Blinker 5.1

Which command is correct ?

Blinker Executable Clipper F128
Blinker Executable Clipper F:128
Blinker Executable Clipper //F:128

My config.sys setting files open 40 and I use command blinker to open
files 128.
Why my application still error dos 4 ?
Which setting read first, config.sys or blinker ?



Re: Blinker Executable Clipper

Postby rlb » Thu, 13 Jan 2005 16:37:47 GMT

So... you tell your system that (MS-DOS) programs can be allowed to have
40 files opened simultaneously; you tell Blinker to create your program
so that it opens up to 128 files simultaneously; and you wonder that
your application runs out of file handles? Gosh, I wonder _what_ could
be the problem...

Both. They have different purposes. The files= setting in config.sys
tells your system how many files can be opened, max. The Blinker setting
tells your _program_ how many files it may try to open. If the latter
exceeds the former, the result is often, as you've seen, a somewhat
predictable failure.


Re: Blinker Executable Clipper

Postby medsyntel » Fri, 14 Jan 2005 02:22:46 GMT

Julian says:

   I use same Clipper and same Bliinker as you.

   The linker command I use is:


   However, my config.sys file on my Win98SE machine has: 

   You must have your config.sys file declare at least five more files than
your bliinker link script requires.

   (I hope one of the gurus here can validate my statements)

-Mel Smith

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