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  • 1. control: cancel <01bceeff$abfa25a0$df68fdcf@vllkogpd>
    control: cancel <01bceeff$abfa25a0$df68fdcf@vllkogpd>
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    Hello to all, I've to move data from clipper tables in a certain system in the organization I'mworking for, to a text file. The all data or part of it in this file is transferred later to another system.that is not written in clipper. Since I'm not familiar with clipper and I do not know anyone in the organization that knows clipper, I'll be very grateful if I get an answer to rhe two following questions - Is there a command in clipper I can type in a DOS screen in order to get the structure of a certain table, namely: the fields' names, their attributes and the their length? - I s there a possibility to write an external program for example in C that reads the rows in a clipper table, separates the row's data into fields and writes it in a text file? If someone can supply to me an example code or give me a link to an appropriate site, I'll appreciate it. I need an answer as soon as possible Thank you in advance Amos
  • 3. Clipper vs xHarbour Benchmark Tests
    Well, excuse me. I had previously done a timing test between Clipper and xHarbour about a month ago and the result was xHarbour was about 20% slower (or so I thought). I tried to locate the tests, but it is either in the bit bucket or alzheimer's creeping in. So, I tried the timing test on a current project: 1 million records, each seeking into another dbf, then looping through a small 300 record dbf, then outputting 1+ million records with additional fields. Here are the unscientific results. Clipper using DBFCDX 41.67 minutes. xHarbour using DBFCDX 33.48 minutes, xHarbour DBFNTX 31.21 minutes. In this test, xHarbour was significantly FASTER. Seems suspicious the NTX was a little faster than CDX, but I'm not going to argue. I guess I should have rebooted before each run. I may do the test again when I have more time. Any comments on the times above? Are they consistent or inconsistent with anyone else's tests? By the way, the tests were on W2000, AMD 2.2GHz, SCSI 160 drive, Clipper 5.3b, and the latest xHarbour. Might be interesting to run these tests on my XP computer. I'll work on that. Thanks for reading, Ted
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    Hi, I am accessing a Clipper database with 71000 records, with MFC (c++ 6) through Odbc (dbase). My problem is that I cannot do a query to return more than 5000 records on this particular database file, it will however return less than 5000 records. The query is a very simple (eg: all for Account='1500'). Even when I try to do this in Visual Studio as a database project, I get the same problem (so it has nothing to do with the programming). Yet if I use the same kind of filter with another clipper database file the same way, I can get >5000 records. There doesn't seem to be any corruption in the database. Does anybody know what could be causing this limitation? Thanks, Charles.

Blinker Executable Clipper

Postby julian1984 » Thu, 13 Jan 2005 11:23:05 GMT


I use Clipper 5.2e + Blinker 5.1

Which command is correct ?

Blinker Executable Clipper F128
Blinker Executable Clipper F:128
Blinker Executable Clipper //F:128

My config.sys setting files open 40 and I use command blinker to open
files 128.
Why my application still error dos 4 ?
Which setting read first, config.sys or blinker ?



Re: Blinker Executable Clipper

Postby rlb » Thu, 13 Jan 2005 16:37:47 GMT

So... you tell your system that (MS-DOS) programs can be allowed to have
40 files opened simultaneously; you tell Blinker to create your program
so that it opens up to 128 files simultaneously; and you wonder that
your application runs out of file handles? Gosh, I wonder _what_ could
be the problem...

Both. They have different purposes. The files= setting in config.sys
tells your system how many files can be opened, max. The Blinker setting
tells your _program_ how many files it may try to open. If the latter
exceeds the former, the result is often, as you've seen, a somewhat
predictable failure.


Re: Blinker Executable Clipper

Postby medsyntel » Fri, 14 Jan 2005 02:22:46 GMT

Julian says:

   I use same Clipper and same Bliinker as you.

   The linker command I use is:


   However, my config.sys file on my Win98SE machine has: 

   You must have your config.sys file declare at least five more files than
your bliinker link script requires.

   (I hope one of the gurus here can validate my statements)

-Mel Smith

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