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Blinker Executable Clipper

Postby julian1984 » Thu, 13 Jan 2005 11:23:05 GMT


I use Clipper 5.2e + Blinker 5.1

Which command is correct ?

Blinker Executable Clipper F128
Blinker Executable Clipper F:128
Blinker Executable Clipper //F:128

My config.sys setting files open 40 and I use command blinker to open
files 128.
Why my application still error dos 4 ?
Which setting read first, config.sys or blinker ?



Re: Blinker Executable Clipper

Postby rlb » Thu, 13 Jan 2005 16:37:47 GMT

So... you tell your system that (MS-DOS) programs can be allowed to have
40 files opened simultaneously; you tell Blinker to create your program
so that it opens up to 128 files simultaneously; and you wonder that
your application runs out of file handles? Gosh, I wonder _what_ could
be the problem...

Both. They have different purposes. The files= setting in config.sys
tells your system how many files can be opened, max. The Blinker setting
tells your _program_ how many files it may try to open. If the latter
exceeds the former, the result is often, as you've seen, a somewhat
predictable failure.


Re: Blinker Executable Clipper

Postby medsyntel » Fri, 14 Jan 2005 02:22:46 GMT

Julian says:

   I use same Clipper and same Bliinker as you.

   The linker command I use is:


   However, my config.sys file on my Win98SE machine has: 

   You must have your config.sys file declare at least five more files than
your bliinker link script requires.

   (I hope one of the gurus here can validate my statements)

-Mel Smith

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