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    As a follow-up on another thread, I just thought I would try to start a POSITIVE list of when "real world" people MAY (unknowingly) being "using" COBOL today. (This is not intended to COMPARE when they are using COBOL vs Java, C3, PL/I, Fortran, VB, or any other language). This is, in part, based on what "companies" are still active in SHARE, IBM's z/os (mostly) mainframe user group. - Using a credit or debit card - Using an ATM - Possibly, when doing an online account inquiry or transaction - Using their land-line phone (for billing - unless they are on a "fixed" plan) - I don't know about cell phone company billing. - (continuously) when using Gas or Oil to heat their home or business (again, for billing) - Receiving and paying an insurance bill - (possibly) when filing or following up on an insurance "incident" - Making, changing, or checking on a plane or train reservation - dealing with the government (state or federal - probably, local - possibly) - Often when you "expect" a store to be "stocked" with some item that you want *OBVIOUSLY* not all such "interactions" use COBOL for all companies/organization, but my perception is that these ALL still have a majority that involve COBOL in one or more parts of the interaction. -- Bill Klein wmklein <at>
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    Hello, I have a field in both a VSAM copybook and a DB2 DCLGEN: 05 fld pic s9(5) comp-3. It will be a key in a CICS program to reach top of file|table. 'move low-values to fld' will not compile. So two ways I know of are: a) 05 fld-r redefines fld pic x(3). then use 'move low-values to fld-r' except it could mean copybook changes, bit dodgier in the case of automatically generated DCLGEN's, so I am generally anti-copybook doctoring. b) 'move -99999 to fld' has flaws: it isn't the lowest of the low, is easier to miscode, is not the very explicit 'low-values'. I really would like to just do 'move low-values to fld'. Is there a solution I don't know about? Thanks Graham
    OK, Let's go back to COBOL and the days of "line printers" or their equivalent <G> This is a follow-up on ongoing thread in the OC forum. There is a question about what happens (should happen) in the case of a program that combines WRITER AFTER ADVANCING with WRITE BEFORE ADVANCING to the same file. I thought that there used to be some warnings about this, i.e. that "results may be unpredictable or at least undesirable" if you mixed these two. However, I can't find any. (Standard or user documentation) Does anyone know of any "official" warnings about this? I may be thinking of combining the (old) IBM extension "WRITE AFTER POSITIONING" with "WRITE AFTER ADVANCING" - but I don't know. -- Bill Klein wmklein <at>

NetCOBOL and reports

Postby R. Hendriks » Tue, 06 Jan 2004 23:52:58 GMT


I'm searching for the best way to create reports that can be altered during
runtime by the end-user. The process of changing column-order, sort-order,
which data is contained in which column, which datafields are visible etc.
should be done by the user via a GUI form designer which stores the report
settings, or via an own written program which via for instance COM/OCX
directly influences the report, based on some stored settings.

I've taken a look at crystal decision and *believe* that the situations I
mention above (the report alteration) can be done via COM. Yet I haven't got
the hands-on experience and I'd like to hear the experience of those who
have worked with this product.

Are there any similar products to crystal reports? Are they
superios/inferior to it, and if so, on which features?

I'm using NetCOBOL/PowerCOBOL version 7. I'm aware of the existence of
PowerFORM, but this product doesn't offer runtime adjustment of reports
created with it.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

Rik Hendriks
Don't think you are, know you are.

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