NetCOBOL and reports


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    I am unable to compile Cobol program using MF Server express on AIX server. The code compiles fine on Net Express Windows. Below is our compilation directive file. p(cobsql) csqlt=ORACLE8 dis sqldebug end-c mode=ORACLE PREFETCH=55 comp5=yes HOLD_CURSOR=NO sqlcheck=full Userid=regu34/autumn@dev01 p(cp) sy endp copyext(CPY) osext(pco,PCO) apost IBMCOMP list() WARNING ODOSLIDE CONSTANT OS"UNIX" CONSTANT NODAS"0" Can any one help us. Adios Pradeep Goel
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    I am working in the following environment: HP-UX 11i MF Serever Express 4.0 SP1 I know that you can use the following to obtain the value of an environment variable: DISPLAY "MYENVVAR" UPON ENVIRONMENT-NAME ACCEPT ws-MYENVVAR FROM ENVIRONMENT-VALUE But I need to go one step further than that - I need to be able to determine whether or not the environment variable in question is "exported." (so I will be assured that any sub-shells created by the COBOL application will inherit this environment value. I know, via testing, that if I use the following: DISPLAY "MYENVVAR" UPON ENVIRONMENT-NAME DISPLAY "HELLOWORLD" UPON ENVIRONMENT-VALUE MYENVVAR is exported, since a CALL "SYSTEM" command to display its value works properly. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, Chris
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    On 7-Jan-2005, Robert Wagner < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote: > It's too much work for an off-topic discussion. I did an analysis 15 > years ago that found guns do more damage than they prevent. Which has nothing to do with our right to bear arms, unless your analysis evaluated our need for a regulated militia. The 2nd amendment isn't about protecting ourselves from muggers. I suppose one could do an analysis that shows that cars cause more damage than they prevent. But our reason for having cars isn't to prevent damage.

NetCOBOL and reports

Postby R. Hendriks » Tue, 06 Jan 2004 23:52:58 GMT


I'm searching for the best way to create reports that can be altered during
runtime by the end-user. The process of changing column-order, sort-order,
which data is contained in which column, which datafields are visible etc.
should be done by the user via a GUI form designer which stores the report
settings, or via an own written program which via for instance COM/OCX
directly influences the report, based on some stored settings.

I've taken a look at crystal decision and *believe* that the situations I
mention above (the report alteration) can be done via COM. Yet I haven't got
the hands-on experience and I'd like to hear the experience of those who
have worked with this product.

Are there any similar products to crystal reports? Are they
superios/inferior to it, and if so, on which features?

I'm using NetCOBOL/PowerCOBOL version 7. I'm aware of the existence of
PowerFORM, but this product doesn't offer runtime adjustment of reports
created with it.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

Rik Hendriks
Don't think you are, know you are.

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