NetCOBOL and reports


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  • 1. RM/COBOL 6.61.00 for Linux and terminfo
    Hi, I have the hard task of making a legacy cobol application that was running on a DEC alpha with linux work on a x86 box running centos linux (the freee variant of Redhat enterprise linux). After many shell scripts edited, some TERM's experimented I'm now able to start the application in full color, use the function keys and even the Up and down directional keys. The only keys NOT working are the left/right keys. I've tried it all... infocmp in that old alpha says kcub1 is ^K and kcuf1 is ^Y (from my head, not sure), in the new x86 they are \E]D and \e]C, got the values from vi (using the Ctrl+V thing). I tried to set the TERMINFO envvar to a temp dir, infocmp > myterm.ti, changed those values (kcub1, kcuf1) to the diff values I've seen but they never worked. I've tried using putty and the old software that was being used to access the alpha -- AniTA, none of them work. I've also insisted on vt220 (this is the value reported by "echo $TERM" when I login to the alpha) and then started experimenting others like xterm, xterm-color, linux, at386, ansi, etc... There must be a really easy way of making those keys work, anyone could help me? Thanks in advance.
  • 2. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Mark Wallace wrote: > LX-i wrote: > > As I look back over the past year, I really have a lot for which to be > > thankful. Being overseas didn't really change my political views or > > core beliefs (other than strengthening them), but it did make me realize > > some of the blessings that I do have on a day-to-day basis, that I > > didn't notice until they weren't there for four months. > > > > I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving, and have many things for which > > you can be thankful. :) > > <insert nasty, biting, vicious, insulting comment here> > > Our NY office staff have two days off (even the ones who are over here). > > We don't. > > <insert /another/ nasty, biting, vicious, insulting comment here> Perhaps they have a lot to be grateful for?
  • 3. cobolc
    Hi, I'm using Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET v2.1 and I'm looking for a complete documentation about command line compiler (cobolc). If it exists, anyone know where it can be found ? What I'm trying to do is to compile a project which use many copybooks. I can't find a way to use cobolc properly in that case. I've tryied with /libpath and it haven't worked. Anyone know what to do to include copybooks ? Other thing, when I compile in Visual Studio IDE I have the parameter CREATE(IL) but when I compile in command line this parameter is set to CREATE(REP). How can I force that option to be CREATE(IL)? Another difference between IDE and command line compile options is the presence of SAI parameter in command line compile, how can I remove SAI option ? Thanks for your help !

NetCOBOL and reports

Postby R. Hendriks » Tue, 06 Jan 2004 23:52:58 GMT


I'm searching for the best way to create reports that can be altered during
runtime by the end-user. The process of changing column-order, sort-order,
which data is contained in which column, which datafields are visible etc.
should be done by the user via a GUI form designer which stores the report
settings, or via an own written program which via for instance COM/OCX
directly influences the report, based on some stored settings.

I've taken a look at crystal decision and *believe* that the situations I
mention above (the report alteration) can be done via COM. Yet I haven't got
the hands-on experience and I'd like to hear the experience of those who
have worked with this product.

Are there any similar products to crystal reports? Are they
superios/inferior to it, and if so, on which features?

I'm using NetCOBOL/PowerCOBOL version 7. I'm aware of the existence of
PowerFORM, but this product doesn't offer runtime adjustment of reports
created with it.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

Rik Hendriks
Don't think you are, know you are.

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