Programming & erasing flash memory of microcontroller through parallel port of pc

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Programming & erasing flash memory of microcontroller through parallel port of pc

Postby » Tue, 03 Oct 2006 03:35:38 GMT

I am a student of computer science. I am new in embedded world. I have
some MAC7121 microcontroller. Can write the flash memory of that
microcontroller through parallel port of pc(Using some external
circuit). If I can then please explain the way & give necessary links.
Also give info about external circuit if it is necessary. If I can't is
any 32 bit microcontroller exists  in whose flash memory/EEPROM  I can
write through parallel port. Please infom.


Re: Programming & erasing flash memory of microcontroller through parallel port of pc

Postby linnix » Tue, 03 Oct 2006 07:57:11 GMT

You can Jtag program the chip as long as you have the proper level
shifters.  The Mac7121 is 2.5V and parallel port is 5V logic.  Straight
connect will surely burn out the chip.

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