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  • 1. VS.2003 reports webserver not running .Net
    Trying to create a CMS website Running Windows 2003 enterprise Installed VS.Net ... tried New project -> Webapplication Error message from VS: webserver isn't running already done the aspnet_regiis -i already allowed the .NET webextension in IIS 6.0 What am i missing ?
  • 2. Is there any HTMLPlaceholder toolbar?
    I cannot believe that MCMS doesn't have a toolbar to edit the text inside the placeholder. Maybe I am missing something but my htmlplaceholders have a toolbar with no buttons (just images that indicate if I can add certain HTML tags or not). I would like to offer to the authors a toolbar where they could select only some styles, so the hole site looks similar. But how I can manage text inside the placeholder? I mean, I need a sort of notepad, or sthg similar. Almost all the opensource cms have this kind of functionality, Why I cannot find it in MCMS???!!!
  • 3. Default Template and Resource Galleries
    Hi all, When I set the Default Template Gallery for a channel and I click on "Create New Page", the "Select Template Gallery" dialog opens with "View as List" as the default. But when I set the Default Resource Gallery for a channel and I click on "Resource Manager", the "Select Resource Gallery" dialog opens with "View as Tree" as the default. How do I ensure that when I want to create a new page, the "Select Template Gallery" opens with "View as Tree"?? -- Dangeriz
  • 4. Adding PDF files
    Hi Pals. I am trying to add on PDF file to resource gallery. The pdf file size around 4+ MB. But it is giving error when trying to add the PDF file. Page cannot be showen error message. There is any restriction adding bigger size files to resource gallery. There is any way to modification can be done to add biger size files to the Resource gallery. Any quick help... thanks and Regards, Umesha
  • 5. Authentication and Guest user
    Hi, i'm trying to make a custom authentication form for my mcms site. User put is username and pass and after a check against the db i put this code: bool setAspNetCookie = true; bool persist = false; CmsAuthenticationTicket ticket =CmsFormsAuthentication.AuthenticateAsUser(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["EuromotoLDAPAdminMCMSUser"], ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["EuromotoLDAPAdminMCMSPass"]); CmsFormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie(ticket,setAspNetCookie,persist); then i redirect the user to a page that contains only the default console. The problem is that i cant see the console cause the "Allow Guests On Site" option in SCA is enabled. I also disabled windows authentication in IIS (i run win 2003), cause i dont want the username/password prompt when the user browse the homepage. What can i do to see the console ?

Re: recovery from failed deployment

Postby Stefan [MSFT] » Wed, 23 Jun 2004 00:10:56 GMT


see answer in your parallel thread.


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happens, posting updates that were included in the failed deployment, are
essentially lost because they've been flagged as having been exported and so
will not be included in the next export.  I have to tell my authors to
reedit the page ,without making any changes, and resubmit and approve the
page.  This is kind of a pain.  I have some error handling for failed
deployments ,send email, etc.  I would like to automatically republish those
postings so they'll be in the next deployment or at least get a list of the
postings which were deployed, so someone can do it manually.

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