MCMS SP2 only for Win2003 or XP?!

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  • 1. Design Question
    I was wondering if the following would be a good design/process flow or if it would even work. We have a CMS box that we will eventually move to the outside of our network. I was considering the idea of having an ouside box and also having a inside box, with both being hooked into the same CMS database. Basically, I'd like to make it so that noone could make changes to the CMS system unless their on our network and of course at that point and time I can assign whatever rights I need to. I would have the same templates, webapp, ect on both box and keep them syncronized. Thanks, James Doughty
  • 2. PublishingMode in non-CMS page
    Hi, Similar to the posting "Authenticating CMS Context from a non-CMS page" from Sivaji posted 21 Sep 2005, I need to access the CMSHttpContext with the "current" publishing mode. Current (that is) of the posting from which the non CMS page is referenced. What I'm finding, is that the referring page (a posting) has PublishingMode Unpublished, but the non-CMS page has a PublishingMode of Published. I am using forms authentication for the application. I tried putting the context from the CMS posting in a session variable, and reusing it on the non-CMS page, but got the error: "COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW can not be used" Given that I don't want to ask the user for their name and password again, the only other solution I can think of is to cache the username and password in session state, and do a CmsApplicationContext.AuthenticateAsUser I don't really like this, because of the security risk, but feel like I'm in a corner. Any suggestions? Thanks Martin
  • 3. CMS 2002 SP2 - Approving Events and postings
    I have a posting with 3 placeholders on it. When a user edits the page and this page is submitted I want, in the CmsPosting_Approving event procedure, to check each placeholders' contents (RawContent), with what was on the previously published version of the page, so that I can report on the changes made. I have tried doing this by using the GetByGuid and through the ChangeEventsArgs, that are passed in to this event. In both instances all I get in the RawContent is what the user is approving and not what was previously there. Any ideas how I can get this information out????
  • 4. Read and Read/Write Sites
    Hi, I have noticed that in many Microsoft CMS projects there are two sites created. One is a Read Site while the other is a Read/Write Site. What is the purpose of creating two such sites and how does this work. Plus when an user navigates to a site how does CMS know which site (Read or the Read/Write) Site the user should be direct to. Thanks Arjuna.
  • 5. Microsoft CMS on Web Farms
    Hi, We are currently planning on developing a Microsoft CMS Web Site (ASP.NET 2.0) that is capable of running on a Web Farm(NLB). Is this possible in the first place using Microsoft CMS and if so what should I keep an eye out for. We are still in the design phase of this project so any suggestions are welcome. Thanks Arjuna.

MCMS SP2 only for Win2003 or XP?!

Postby jh » Tue, 22 Nov 2005 19:04:19 GMT


"System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2003,
Enterprise x64 Edition; Windows Server 2003, Standard x64 Edition;
Windows XP"

Is there no MCMS SP2 for Windows2000?!

(framework 2.0 is W2000-compatible, s.
 http://www.**--****.com/ )


Re: MCMS SP2 only for Win2003 or XP?!

Postby Stefan [MSFT] » Tue, 22 Nov 2005 20:02:19 GMT

Hi Jens,

main stream support for Windows 2000 server ended on 6/30/2005:

That's the reason why it is no longer listed.
Technically MCMS 2002 SP2 will also run on Windows 2000.


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