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  • 1. Approve Channels
    Hello Stefan, Actually I had a small problem while am developing the last feature in my MCMS site, I need to copy a channel with its sub-channels to another place, in term to create new website, but I faced a small problem which is that the postings inside those channels became as unapproved posting and the owner is the logged in user to the site manager, I tried to approve them through my script but it didn't work, also is there a method to copy such channels from my script insted of copying them manually from the site manager? your assistant appriciated Thanks in advance Bilal Bader Senior Developer
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    Hi I don't know if I'm right but all I want is to enforce html placeholder to NOT justify text. Now when I enter text into placeholder and I have got long word then short one and after that the long one I get effect of justifying like follow (after longword there is only one space): longwordlongwordlongwordlongword shortword longwordlongwordlongwordlongwordlongwordlongwordlongword I'd like to have: longwordlongwordlongwordlongword shortword longwordlongwordlongwordlongwordlongwordlongwordlongword So I want to left align not justifying. Is it possible by changing htmlplaceholder properties? Darek (placeholder is placed into table - I'd like to admit that I cleared all the settings of that table apart of width)
  • 3. Resource Gallery File Size Limit
    Group, Is there a file size limit to what you can upload to the resource gallery? If so, is this limit solid or can it be raised through app settings, etc? I tried looking on Stephan's blog as I heard there was an article to address this very topic on there, but unfortunately couldnt pinpoint it. Thanks in advance! -Aaron Rinaca
  • 4. Moderator Missing in Revision History
    Dear All I would like to clarify that if a moderator approves posting, would it be record in the the "Approved by" list in revision history? If not, anyway to capture this information since our user wants to keep track this info in the revision history. Thanks in advance. Regards, Raymond

Master account feature

Postby Dean J Garrett » Sun, 28 Aug 2005 03:47:40 GMT

We need to adapt Commerce Server to provide for a "master account" and
multiple user accounts instead of the single user profiles now available
with the Retail Solution site template. For instance, an institutional buyer
creates a master account with shared billing and shipping addresses. Then
for each master account, we need many unique user accounts for which orders
are kept separate. Each user under the master account would have his own
username/password. Does this sound like a difficult change to implement?

Thank you!!

Re: Master account feature

Postby Stefan [MSFT] » Sun, 28 Aug 2005 05:36:23 GMT

Hi Dean,

this newsgroup focuses on Microsoft Content Management Server questions.
Please post you question into a Commerce Server related newsgroup.


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