Downloading Attachments in Placeholders

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  • 1. CMS Exceptions Count alarmingly high in VMWare deployment
    Currently perf testing CMS App in a VMWare environment. I have no power over this particular deployment, so I am stuck testing on VMWare and have to make do. That said, I am seeing an alarming number of CMS Exceptions from the CMS Exceptions counter for so very few requests (no more than 10rps throughput x 10 minutes at 30 users)- I would like to attribute this to VMWare because of context switching going on between host and vm machine and memory (which looks like it's consuming way to much-anyone know if VMWare leaks memory?), but I am hoping someone would be able to tell me they have encountered a similar situation. I cannot find any application code that is generating these errors (e.g. placeholders, objects, api calls to interop objects etc..) when I test it locally Any help or advice appreciated.
  • 2. MCMS Error Pages
    Hi All and Stefan, We are displaying the Most Recently visited pages in a control as hyperlilnks. This information is being pulled out of our Custom DB table. There is a possibility that by the time we display the links from our table, the Posting(s) may have been deleted by an Editor or Author. In that case, we would like to display a custom Error Page and set an IsDeleted flag in our table. Questions: 1. What 'out of the box' support does CMS have for the following scenarios: a. Request for a Page which has been deleted b. Request for a Page which has expired 2. Can we catch any Event in that Custom Error page? a. Does the Request have the Posting GUID which has been originally requested? Sorry about the amount of questions : ) Thanks guys -- MCSD.NET
  • 3. Areas "Invisible" when rendered
    I'm not sure if this is a CMS question or not: In some of our CMS pages, text becomes invisible for no apparent reason. The text is there, but is seems that IE just doesn't show it. Strange thing is that when you select or highlight the text, it becomes visible. As well if you refresh or resize the page, this sometimes leads to the text being shown or hidden. Where I have noticed it is: -for text in a HTMLPlaceholder in one template when using an aligned image alongside the text, -for another template's labels derived from placeholder values within a template's PresentationModeContainter. All the objects have thier EnableViewState property set to false, so it shouldn't be a Postback issue. Not sure if it is an effect of object widths or something else... Any ideas?
  • 4. navigation tree
    The WoodGroveNet Sample site left navigation works so wonderfully well with CMS application except for a minor style problem; which problably many of us have seen already. Just curious to know if someone was able to modify the HTC file and solve the problem. I will appreciate any inputs. Also if anyone else had any good experiences with any other left navigation (treeview) tools? Thanks ~Roy

Downloading Attachments in Placeholders

Postby Trevor Grant » Thu, 11 Sep 2003 22:42:46 GMT


Is using HttpRequest the only way to download attachments that are not
resources to a byte stream?

I'm hoping for something similar to the OpenReadStream method for resources.


Re: Downloading Attachments in Placeholders

Postby Stefan [MSFT] » Fri, 12 Sep 2003 00:33:57 GMT

Hi Trevor,

yes that is the only method.



Re: Downloading Attachments in Placeholders

Postby Trevor Grant » Sat, 13 Sep 2003 18:16:29 GMT

Thanks. Would be nice to have this function in the API 
too :-)


attachments that are not
method for

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