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  • 1. Delete button in console
    Hi, The standard console has a delete button, which is visible for authors, moderators and editors. I would like to hide this delete button in all cases, except for administrators (for certain postings). The way to do this, is to make a Admin console and a User console, or tweaks in the default console, providing the desired functionality. The practical case of our client does not distinguish roles like moderators, authors or editors, but it does distinguish administrators. So I tried to make a "admincontainer" specially for this delete button, but I don't know how to find out whether the current user logged in is in the admin group or not. The only checks I've seen in the API are rights which a moderator or editor also can have. I also studied the "User.ClientAccountType" property in the documentation, but I not sure if this is the right property to use. So how do I get this delete button to work for admins only?
  • 2. channel manager shall not be able to approve
    Hi everybody, a user of MCMS2002 shall have channel manager rights to create and manage channels in Site Manager. But this user should not be able to approve content. Is this possible? And how? Thanks a lot Christoph
  • 3. Just an aspx file
    Hi all, I have installed CMS 2002 on a Virtual PC. Now I created an aspx file who has nothing to do with CMS an I just can't open it in my browser. I looked at the log files and i get the following error: "Extended error: [What='The MCMS System Account username or password is incorrect. Please correct this via the SCA. See the Application Event Log for details.'] [LCID='1033'] [SourceFile='aesecuritymanager.cpp'] [SourceFileLine='616'] [DebugInfo=''] [RecommendedAction=''] [ExtraInfo=''] [UniqueErrorId='2004'] [Severity='5'] [Source='AESecurityService.exe'] [CategoryId='0']" Does anyone know what to do when I just want test an aspx file who has nothing to do CMS. Thanx, Dennis van de Laar

xp word help

Postby dHJhbXA » Fri, 18 Jan 2008 10:08:01 GMT

for some reason my xp word is no longer working.  it will not load at all and 
the icon that is usually there to click on is different.  any suggestions to 
whats going on or how to fix it i cant find anything on microsofts sites to 
download word

Re: xp word help

Postby Stefan Goer [MSFT] » Fri, 18 Jan 2008 18:32:28 GMT

Hi {*filter*},

this newsgroup focuses on Microsoft Content Management Server related 
Please post your question into a Word related newsgroup.


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