Site packager packaging wwwrooot directory

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    Hi..we are trying to create an events structure and search..we need to have a general events channel plus have specific events channels nested under service channels in a different channel..the problem is how do we search from the general channel and include the events under other channels efficiently...can we do a search on the cms database to return posting details of channels called a specific events..or can we search for specific posting types ie all postings created via the events structure example shown below.... Events Services> Townships>Events thanks for any help in advance Angela
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    We have created a script to create and transfer SDO's from one location to another. After this transfer is complete this script imports the SDO in the new locations database. The problem we are facing is that some times we get the following message in the event viewer Event Type: Error Event Source: SapientSiteDeployService Event Category: None Event ID: 0 Date: 2/16/2006 Time: 3:28:14 PM User: N/A Computer: COLOEASAPE2 Description: SDO package failure: 'E:\SDO\SDO_February 16, 2006_15.sdo' is not a valid Site Deployment Object file. Can someone help us debug this issue. What could be the root cause of this problem

Site packager packaging wwwrooot directory

Postby Piotr Skorupski » Sat, 01 Nov 2003 20:23:25 GMT


I have problem with site packanger. I had IIS server crash and after crash 
server was reinstalled. All commerce server sites was left untouched. Now 
when im packaging a site Site Packanger is packing my whole wwwroot 
directoty. How can I fix it?

Thanks for further information.
Best regards

P.S. Please forgive me my english

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Re: Site packager packaging wwwrooot directory

Postby Stefan [MSFT] » Sat, 01 Nov 2003 20:33:23 GMT

Hi Piotr,

SitePackager is (afaik) a Commerce Server component.
But this is a Content Management Server newsgroup.

You should post to the correct newsgroup.


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