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    Hi In the edit mode, while using the Edit Hyperlink option we get teh tree control to set the hyperlink of the selected text. The channel structure and the postings within the channel appear to be inconsistent in their display. At some times they show up sorted and at times not sorted. We have a few hundred postings in a channel at times and if the postings are not sorted it is difficult to go through each one to determine the posting you want to link up with. Any quick fix or a setting that enables the tree control to show things in a sorted way. Thanks -laks..
  • 2. placeholders not showing up
    We have a user who clicks edit. then gets a posting with no placeholders, but the placeholder value icons show up (hyperlinks, text formatting, etc). All the content shows up fine, when "switch to live site is clicked". Any ideas why this would happen? Also, I ordered your book some time ago but have not received it, estimated ship date is May 3rd to 16th. Whats up? Thanks in advance, Jeremy
  • 3. Is NRNODEGUID case sensitive?
    an exception was thrown and I couldn't figure out why but after some research it seems NRNODEGUID param has to be all caps... can someone verify this?? thanks!

Kill Lock Option...

Postby Lalit » Tue, 15 Jun 2004 19:29:44 GMT


We have one template definition, which is checked out by one developer. Now
he is not available for check in this template definition. I have CMS
administrative rights and I have tried to delete this template or check in
this template definition but I couldn't got succeed from site manager or
from visual studio. So anybody have how to kill lock. We have one menu
option Kill Lock but it is not enabled when I have selected locked template

Please anyone have idea regarding kill lock then revert me.


Re: Kill Lock Option...

Postby Stefan [MSFT] » Thu, 17 Jun 2004 01:48:42 GMT

Hi Lalit,

what is the error message you receive in VS.NET?
I assume the error message indicate that it is checked out on a different
machine. Right?
If possible, you should check in the posting from that machine - e.g. by
logging in with your account if possible.
This is the only supported solution.

If you really need to do this I could send you a step by step description.
Usually we only recommend this for scenarios where the machine is no longer
available (e.g. because it died or whatever)
Drop me a mail at  XXXX@XXXXX.COM  in this case.


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