Help!! TCppWebBrowser ,popup window and Cookie

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Help!! TCppWebBrowser ,popup window and Cookie

Postby Cheng » Fri, 05 Sep 2003 09:32:08 GMT

I set up a CppWebBrowser in my software. It acts as a IE and woks fine.
But If It needs to popup a new window with cookie after clicking related
button inside the CppWebBrowser. It works differently from using IE. It
seems the new popup windows's session is different from the origal

I appreciate any help!
Thanks in advance!


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Our application presents as a floating toolbar and does have the topmost 
flag set so that it never disappears behind other applications.  (It is used 
in concert with other applications and must be visible at all times.)  It can 
also be docked as an AppBar to the top and bottom of the screen.  Docking 
does not change the aberrant behavior of the popup items.

Is anyone aware of a difference between Windows 2000 and XP that would 
explain the bad behavior under XP?  Again, we have no such problems with 
Windows 2000.  Any suggestions for the cause and especially a work-around 
would be greatly appreciated.

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