TCColorGrid, Link error. How can i unlink?

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TCColorGrid, Link error. How can i unlink?

Postby Jaepil Kim » Fri, 08 Oct 2004 09:06:53 GMT


I m using BCB5 Standard.

On my form i used to have TColorDialog, and TCGauge controls
from Sample Controls that came with install.

I removed them to recover correct application icon for the app.

I did that by
1) Deleting the controls from the form
2) Open source via 'Project > Edit Option Source' then
    manually removing 'bcbsmp50.lib' from <LIBRARIES> and
    <SPARELIBS> tags.

Now when i compile, my from gives me a bunch of link error
message regarding to TCColorDialog control.

How can i delete these controls properly?

Programer - SplashMedia

Re: TCColorGrid, Link error. How can i unlink?

Postby JD » Fri, 08 Oct 2004 22:40:25 GMT

You need to also remove the apropriate #includes from the
header and/or #program link from the source. To determine
which is which, start a new application, note what isn't there
and drop the offending component(s) on the form.

~ JD

BTW : This question would have best been asked in the vcl.using

Re: TCColorGrid, Link error. How can i unlink?

Postby Jaepil Kim » Sat, 09 Oct 2004 06:12:39 GMT


Thansk for the tips.

One of the included header files on my main form had
links to the offending components.

Programer - SplashMedia

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