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BCM to CRM 3.0 Migration Q - Data Migration Wizard for Outlook BCM

Postby Tmlja0NSXzA0 » Sat, 16 Sep 2006 03:47:02 GMT

Hi All,

This weekend I will be migrating from BCM to CRM 3.0 (on SBS 2003) and was 
hoping to get a heads up on the following:

1) clarify a "Known Issues with the Data Migration Wizard for Microsoft 
Outlook with Business Contact Manager" point that sticks out in the 
documentation and in my long hours of reading online namely: 

"The link between activities and parent accounts and contacts is not 
preserved during migration. 
If you have accounts or contacts in Microsoft Outlook with Business Contact 
Manager that have activities, such as tasks or appointments, associated with 
them, when you migrate the data to Microsoft CRM, the activities are not 
associated with the accounts or contacts. These activities will be migrated, 
but the Regarding field will be blank. "

surely this is a fundamental flaw here that anyone that has used BCM will 
have history attached to each - we don't have a large amount of accounts - 
several hundred - but they each have 40-100+ items of history so to go 
through and manually manipulate these unassociated items/contacts will be a 

how does one get around this using the migration tool (given I am just a 
small operation so can't afford an expensive 3rd party tool)? 

2) also in addition to the above any other gotchyas to be aware of using the 
"Data Migration Wizard for Office Outlook with BCM" tool?

thanks in advance!


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