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  • 1. Understanding Customizations
    I'm new to MS CRM and trying to get a handle on how customizations work in CRM. If I make changes to our TestCRM and then export those customizations, does it export the all the views/forms/schema or just the changes I made that day. I believe it exports everything. Second, if I install the Adventure Works database as my TestCRM, and export/import my production customizations, now I will have a copy of my production environment (less data). Is this logic correct?? Jim
  • 2. how to
    hi all, using crm 3.0 on 2003 ent. i have added a new tab into the Appointment Form which has some bit and picklist attributes for a survey form. i will be opening more than 3 or more Appointments for the same company and when creating a new Appointment activity , i want to see the last appointment's data on it, this way i will be able to analyze the incrementation beetween appointments For example. i am creating the first Appointment Activity saving and closing it, then after a week later, i am creating a new activity for the same company and the first activities data is already shown, i am changing whatever is needed and saving and closing and so on. couldn't figure out a way. any help? thank you
  • 3. Product to Quote Product Mapping
    Hi I have added a couple of custom fields onto the Product entity and similar ones to the Quote Product. I want to map these so when I add a product to a Quote the field on the Quote Product gets populated from the relevent field on the Product. Any ideas? I have been looking for the Mapping function that was in V1.2 DM but cannot find it in either the customisation section of the app? Thanks Cozy
  • 4. contact - address
    i have this code, but when I tryed to create ussing web services, appear an error contacto.address1_addressid = new Key(); contacto.address1_country = country; contacto.address1_stateorprovince = province; contacto.address1_city = city; contacto.address1_line1 = address; contacto.address1_name = "address name"; any ideas??? -- Magy

So Cal. Developer wanted...

Postby Jerry Rodgers » Wed, 17 Aug 2005 02:17:00 GMT


My company is looking to hire a full time software devloper to help
implement MS CRM and integrate it into our other .NET applications. The
person will also be a part of the engineering team and will likely work on
other applications as well. Although if we can find someone with MS CRM
experience that person will certainly get my nod.

Below is the job description. Job would be in Monrovia, CA - about 20
minutes East of Pasadena. If you apply mention you saw the job posting on
the MS CRM news group.

-Jerry Rodgers

Senior Developer for the #1 Commercial Real Estate Service Online

LoopNet, Inc. is a leading information services web site for the commercial
real estate industry, delivering a comprehensive suite of products and
services to meet the national and local needs of commercial real estate
firms, organizations and professionals. We operate the largest commercial
real estate listing service online, with more than $200 billion of property
listed for sale and 2.6 billion square feet of space for lease. We are
profitable, growing and highly recognized in the commercial real estate
space. Our work environment is fast-paced where innovation, creativity and
results are valued.

LoopNet also owns and operates BizBuySell, Inc., the largest and most
heavily trafficked online exchange for businesses for sale in North America,
with more business listings, users and search activity than any other web
site. BizBuySell features over 30,000 businesses for sale listings that are
searched by more than 400,000 monthly visitors, and has the largest database
of sale comparables for recently sold businesses.

We are looking for a Senior Developer for our Monrovia office. You will be
part of a multi person, highly skilled development team working with the
latest technologies (.NET, C#, SQL, Web Farms, etc). You will work closely
with other senior developers and departments (quality assurance, marketing,
client services, and product management) to design and develop new web based
products and features. Development is done in a collaborative process where
your input and expertise will help influence the overall requirements and
design. This is a great position for self motivated "out of the box"

" Highly proficient in current Microsoft development tools, especially C#,
ASP.NET, SQL Server and Internet Services.
" 3-5 years experience with internet UI software development (HTML,
Javascript, DHTML, CSS, etc)
" Experience with mission critical, high volume (500+ hits a day), web-based
" Strong computer system analysis and design skills in current methodologies
including object oriented programming.
" Experience in C++ a plus.
" Experience with Microsoft CRM a plus.
" Excellent written and verbal communication skills
" Strong analytical and problem solving skills
" Ability to prioritize and multi-task while working well with a team
" BS degree in computer science or related field
Team members enjoy a fun, yet hardworking, company culture and receive
competitive benefits including medical (HMO or PPO), dental, vision,
flexible spending accounts, paid time off (PTO), 401(k) and stock options.

LoopNet a fun, fast paced company where dedicated team members enjoy a
casual, yet hardworking, company culture and receive competitive benefits
including medical, dental, vision, short term and long term disability,

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