Sending messages on queue present on remote machine



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Sending messages on queue present on remote machine

Postby UmVzaG1h » Tue, 09 Nov 2004 21:08:02 GMT


      How to send messages to a queue preent on remote machine. I have given 
all the rights to the user. Still the user is able to create a queue through 
program but is not able to send messages to it.
        Is any special rights need to be given.


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2.Can not send message to remote transaction queue.

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queue, and it can receive the transaction message that been send from other
device(PC). And I can send message to remote queue(No transaction).
Bellow is my code:

PROPVARIANT aMVariant[10];
DWORD MPropIdCount = 0;

// Set the body of the message (PROPID_M_BODY).
aMPropId[MPropIdCount] = PROPID_M_BODY;			// Property identifier
aMVariant[MPropIdCount].vt = VT_VECTOR|VT_UI1;		// Type indicator
aMVariant[MPropIdCount].caub.pElems = (UCHAR *)L"So sad for this week.";
aMVariant[MPropIdCount].caub.cElems = ::SysStringByteLen(lpwMessageBody);

 // Set the PROPID_M_BODY_TYPE property.
aMPropId[MPropIdCount] = PROPID_M_BODY_TYPE;
aMVariant[MPropIdCount].vt = VT_UI4;
aMVariant[MPropIdCount].ulVal = VT_BSTR;

// Set the label of the queue (PROPID_Q_LABEL).
aMPropId[MPropIdCount] = PROPID_M_LABEL;	// Property identifier
aMVariant[MPropIdCount].vt = VT_LPWSTR;		// Type indicator
aMVariant[MPropIdCount].pwszVal = L"Message 1";	// Queue label

// Set the MQMSGPROPS structure
MsgProps.cProp = MPropIdCount;			// Number of properties
MsgProps.aPropID = aMPropId;			// Ids of properties
MsgProps.aPropVar = aMVariant;			// Values of properties
MsgProps.aStatus  = NULL;			// No Error report

// Send message
hr = MQSendMessage(hQueue,			// handle to the Queue.
		&MsgProps,		// Message properties to be sent.
		MQ_SINGLE_MESSAGE);	// transaction
When I call MQOpenQueue(), hr return 0x00000000, but can not get theHANDLE
hQueueForSend, so when call the MQSendMessage, hr return
MQ_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE. When the format name is L"DIRECT=OS:cs\\PRIVATE$\\
XKPTQueue;;XACTONLY"(addtional ;), I can get the MQHANDLE, but when I call
the MQSendMessage, hr return error :MQ_ERROR_TRANSACTION_USAGE. Is there
additional register configuing? I configue the register with Visadm, 1.
Select Install from the Shortcuts menu, and then select Registers from the
Shortcuts menu. And enable binary , enable srmp. 2. Reboot the computer. I
use WinCE 4.2

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