Can not initialize a full refresh (SQL replication) on the apply side



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Can not initialize a full refresh (SQL replication) on the apply side

Postby » Thu, 26 Jan 2006 01:12:53 GMT


I tried to do an initial full refresh but I failed - nothing happens
(no error at all). Apply works without errors. Details of my

I have the following replication scenario: DB2 UDB apply is running on
a Solaris machine (DB2 Version 8, fixpack 9a), capture on a z/OS
machine (host).

On the z/OS machine, the column values of the column "DISABLE_REFRESH"
for all source tables are set to 0 therefore allowing a full refresh.

I successfully updated the ASN.IBMSNAP_SUBSET table on the apply side
as followed (as suggested by the Replication Center while performing an
automatic full refresh):




Then - after checking that all above COLUMNS are set to the above
values -  I successfully started the apply but the full refresh didn't
take place. Logfile:

2006-01-24- <CPCIMPC(08/07)> ASN1045I  APPLY "A_TEST" :
"Initial". The Apply program was started using database "TESTDB".

2006-01-24- <CPREST(01/00)> ASN1044I  APPLY "A_TEST" :
"WorkerThread". The Apply program will become inactive for "0" minutes
and "50" seconds.

2006-01-24- <CPREST(01/00)> ASN1044I  APPLY "A_TEST" :
"WorkerThread". The Apply program will become inactive for "2" minutes
and "0" seconds.

There were no errors in the apply logfile and checking the
ASN.IBMSNAP_APPLYTRAIL shows that no rows were inserted or deleted in
the target tables.

I checked the host side (where capture is running): the tables are not

Does anybody have an idea why the initial full refresh doesn't take

Thank you very much for your help

With kind regards


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