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[Info-Ingres] Ingres 2006 Net Enterprise Edition

Postby Oscar Carl » Wed, 19 Dec 2007 05:10:20 GMT

Hi all:
I have a doubt about fee I have to pay for in the next scenario:

1.- Machine A: Linux OS with dual core CPU as my Ingres Enterprise 
Edition database server
2.- Machine B: Linux OS with dual core CPU as my Ingres Net Enterprise 
Edition client environment. This machine will run ABF/Vision 
applications, against Machine A.

I know I have to pay CPU fee for Machine A (about 8K per socket). But, 
Do I have to pay the same fee for Machine B? Note that Machine B will 
have installed Ingres Net only (Ingres Client), not the DBMS.

I will appreciate any help



Lic. Oscar Carl Barriocanal
Director de Servicios al Cliente
tegra S.R.L.
Telefax: (595 21) 424473 RA

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At 8:13 AM +0100 12/4/06, Gerhard Hofmann wrote:
>I'd like to "restart" this old thread. Some of you supposed that the different reload times between 3.0.3 were caused by different hardware, different disk layout, weird CBF settings and so on.
>Now I did some further tests, all of them on the *same* machine.
>[tests snipped]
>As my setup is out-of-the-box now, I really think this is a bug (or at least bad design) in 2006.

Can you isolate this to any particular table or column datatype or
reload step?  For instance, does it seem to take longer creating
tables, or applying grants, or is it the pure data load that is slower?

If it's the load that is slower, is it all tables or just some?
Is there any Unicode (nchar/nvarchar) data in the slow tables?

Try a logstat -statistics before and after a load and see if there is
any marked difference between 3.0.3 and Ingres 2006.

I don't recall any specific work being done in the data load area
for Ingres 2006.  It does sound like you are running into a bug,
or perhaps a bug fix that made things slower (7 to 1 is really out
of line though).


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