Database market share 2004


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  • 1. Deadlock in Database Procedure
    I need some help in explaining why a certain deadlock has occurred within a database procedure. The Ingres error log shows the following message: E_DM9045_TABLE_DEADLOCK Deadlock encountered locking table (owner).(table) in database (database) with mode 5. My understanding is that when the system calls a database procedure, it takes out Intended Locks on all the tables it might require. Once it gets these locks, the DBP is executed. Hence, it is possible that a DBP can suffer deadlock at the point of taking out the intended locks, but by implication, it can't deadlock during execution, since it has already taken out the locks it needs. But the error message says "with mode 5" (Exclusive) rather than mode 2 (intended exclusive). Also, the way the system responded to the deadlock implies that an error occurred in the middle of the DBP, rather than at the beginning. Does anyone know why this would have happened? Thanks - Paul Hutchinson
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Re: Database market share 2004

Postby Johel de Souza Filho » Sun, 05 Jun 2005 04:54:43 GMT


"Computer Associates International Inc. recently showered some hard-earned
cash on the winners of its Ingres Million Dollar Challenge, the goal of
which was to motivate developers to cook up migration toolkits from Oracle,
SQL Server, DB2, Sybase and MySQL databases to CA's Ingres r3 open-source
database. The resulting winners are now available and downloadable from "

No, not true. Try to download the files and you'll have a bad surprise. They
are not ready or even do not exist!


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