[Info-ingres] FW: [Users] How to Log errors while executing ingres sql command


[Info-ingres] FW: [Users] How to Log errors while executing ingres sql command

Postby Paul White » Tue, 21 Feb 2006 16:52:08 GMT

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use awk, like e.g. :

ronald@serval:~/eclipse_workspace/SDMS/src> sql sdmsdb2 < /tmp/x | awk '
E_US0845 Table 'table_does_not_exist' does not exist or is not owned by
    (Mon Feb 20 08:45:31 2006)

The /tmp/x script looks like

select * from table_does_not_exist;

select count(*) from iitables;

The main problem is not to catch the error messages, it is the transaction logic. So if your script tries to perform multi-statement transactions, you'll end up with an inconsistent database (if you are unlucky, and programmers better not count on their luck).



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Re: [Info-ingres] FW: [Users] How to Log errors while executing ingres sql command

Postby Roy Hann » Tue, 21 Feb 2006 18:12:19 GMT

end up

Amen to that, brother.  sql is really just an alias for tm, and tm was never
designed for SQL.  It was designed for QUEL, a language in which transaction
boundaries are always explicitly identified.  Also unlike SQL, QUEL
implicitly rolls back any uncommitted transactions when tm (or any other
front-end) abruptly terminates--but that's another issue (it's actually
wrong behaviour required by the ANSI/ISO SQL standard).  Considering how
much sql/tm is used, someone really ought to spend some time adapting it to
properly support SQL.  (That is probably well within the ability of a
ba{*filter*}t tinkerer but I don't currently have time myself.)

At least in an SQL script is easy to tell what the flow-of-control is, so
rediscovering the transaction boundaries is relatively easy.  (Unlike
embedded SQL applications where one generally has only two choices: either
we know it's wrong, or at best(?!) we don't have a clue!  Not a good

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portal of
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> > (with very bad security control). Now we have this portal made in
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> > had another web application (ASP) that suffered a successful SQL
> > injetcion too. The problems were corrected as well.
> And (to hook into the delightful discussion I'm having with Roy), I'll
> bet you dimes to dollars that both were using query assembly.

The ASP app was, but the ICE app was not directly. Report Writer
internally should work with query assembly when passing parameters to
run a report.

> The PHP function addslashes ought to protect you if you use it
> consistently. PHP ADODb has parameter binds, which are better.


> > In our case the problems were in the application layer.
> HTML injection?

No, when I said application layer, I wanted to say the problem was not
in database server.


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