Ingres 2.6 and solaris 10


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    On HP-UX 11x / Ingres II 3.0.2 (hp2.us5/109) About once a week we get an error E_SC0107_BAD_SIZE_EXPAND Error expanding virtual size of server. brk() failed with operating system error 12 (Not enough space). Bouncing ingres resolves this, but what is it trying to expand and where, so I can see where more space needs to be added? Thanks Dennis d underscore roesler at agilent dot com
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    Guys, This is the messag I am gettin when I am taking a backup of iidbdb. The owner of the installation is ingres. And the dba of the instllation is shown by accessdb is $ingres. Still, the command wont run. Please suggest a solution to this problem. INGRES_ALP>unloaddb iidbdb -u$ingres -c INGRES UNLOADDB Copyright (c) 1987, 1998 Computer Associates Intl, Inc. E_UG0012 -u: Expects value. E_UG0011 Correct syntax: unloaddb dbname [-uuser] [-c] [-ddir] [-source=dir] [-dest=dir] [-P] [-GgroupID] [-row_labels] I am not sur here m i goin wrong. Help Punit
  • 3. locating data
    If I have the page and row informatiion ( from a deadlock ) how can I related that back to the real row in the file ? So my deadlock tells me page 17 row 6. How would I go about looking at the data that relates to that page/row information ? Thanks, Jim ( I've got deadlock blues )

Re: Ingres 2.6 and solaris 10

Postby John Dennis » Tue, 27 Mar 2007 08:40:23 GMT

Ingres on Solaris is possibly the most common combination running.
Call Support and arrange to get Ingres 2.6 Service Pack 5.  Ingres is
certified against Solaris 10 - the SP5 release notes give a list of
recommended OS patches if using Visual Tools, but there is nothing
listed for any other comnponent, including the DBMS.


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Hi gurus ,  i have that install ingres database server for critical
produccion service ,ill like robust and performance

Somebody know (24x7) instalations ingres2.6 over solaris 10? , its
need patchs of solaris or ingres?...


2.[Info-Ingres] Ingres 2.6 on Solaris 10: createdb slow

Hi there,

	I am configuring a new installation of Ingres 2.6 on Solaris 10 zones and
	seeing some performance issues. In particular, I'm seeing some very slow
	createdb times which is unusual:

    Sun V890 (8 cpus @ 1.5 Ghz), 16 Gb RAM, Solaris 10 zoned):  22-70 seconds # Snail
    Dec AlphaServer ES47 (2 cpus @ 1 Ghz, 8 Gb RAM, DUnix 5.1): 5-8 seconds   # Normal

	Has anyone seen this kind of slowdown on Solaris 10 before ? I had
	similar timings on the createdb when trialling Ingres 2006 as well.

	I wonder if "de-zoning" the box would be a viable alternative in this

Kind Regards,


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This is a multi-part message in MIME format.


I can hook you up with some references of sites running Ingres II
2.6 on Solaris (SPARC).  Their application is mission-critical, costing
many thousands of dollars per hour when unavailable.

Drop me a line if you are interested.


Mike Leo
Caribou Lake Software, LLC


>We are planning to migrate a critical highly concurrent Ingres II
>database to 2.6 on Solaris. Does anyone know of any major major issues
>in 2.6 on Solaris.  The application can afford no downtime and requires
>a  true 24 X 7 environment.
>Any feedback (good and not so good) will be helpful in helping us move
>forward.  We have had major issues with 2.6 on a different platform
>where sessions get stuck in any of the following states (COM, LOG,
>LKEVENT, <any>) and we are not able to remove them.  If they are
>holding locks then we must shutdown/startup, if they have an open
>transaction, then the transaction log keeps on increasing until we
>shutdown, if none of the above, the server would hang after sometime.
>Feedback on Solaris release/patches, Ingres release level and patches,
>any special configuration settings, etc.  would also help.
>Nabil Courdy

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