Ingres in the press


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  • 1. dbms servers dissapear ?
    Hi everybody, Can anyone shed a little light on the situation mentioned below ? I know it made us scratch our heads more then a few times ! kind regards Gino "Gino Pastorino" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news:... > Hi everyone, > I a "newbie" at this so you may have an answer to my problem....running 2.6 > on hpux (superdome 64way box x 2 with 5 gigs of ram) our application runs > very well for a period of time and then...for no apparent reason, the RDBMS > servers just disappear (yes they just go missing) we can find nothing in the > logs to help us isolate this event. It happens fairly often but I cannot > force or repeat it at will. Would Appreciate any ideas you guys may have on > this. > > kind regards > > Gino Pastorino
  • 2. Create ABF image after drop column
    Consider the following code In 4GL procedure: Declare R = type of table t; Begin R = select * from t; If we now drop a column from t via ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN and then create application image and run it we get an error when the select statement is executed : "column... does not exist". This means the imageapp program does not see a change in table structure. Is there any way to make it see such changes other then deleteing all *.c and *.obj files before invoking imageapp ? Piotr Wisniewski

Ingres in the press

Postby Roy Hann » Sat, 04 Apr 2009 22:04:26 GMT

The March 2009 issue of DB/M magazine ( has just landed on my
doormat, containing a feature article on Ingres.


UK Ingres User Association Conference 2009 will be on Tuesday June 9, 2009
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