[Info-Ingres] INGRES GNU/Linux Cluster Support?


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    At 10:30 AM -0700 3/12/07, XXXX@XXXXX.COM wrote: >I have a customer currently running the Ingres database under OpenVMS >with applications written in C and FORTRAN. They would like to migrate >however they are concerned about the data access SQL statements. Surely you jest. I can imagine various excuses for migrating away from VMS, but the SQL isn't one of them. Ingres is handling the SQL, not VMS, and Ingres supports the exact same SQL statements regardless of platform. If someone is itching to get away from OpenVMS because it's not trendy enough, they really ought to come up with a better excuse. (Or, if they do have a real excuse, they need to do a better job communicating it.) >Are there any significant differences or gotcha's in moving from >OpenVMS to Unix or Windows ? >From an SQL perspective, no. Their C and Fortran apps are likely to see differences in the non-SQL part. For instance, if the apps were written to the DEC variants of C or Fortran, it may take a little effort just to get them to compile on another OS, never mind making them work. Karl
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    I have a customer currently running the Ingres database under OpenVMS with applications written in C and FORTRAN. They would like to migrate however they are concerned about the data access SQL statements. Are there any significant differences or gotcha's in moving from OpenVMS to Unix or Windows ? Mike
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[Info-Ingres] INGRES GNU/Linux Cluster Support?

Postby Mark R. Winston » Mon, 23 Feb 2009 03:50:59 GMT

Does anyone know the current status of INGRES clustering support, not
the HA solutions supported for Solaris and VMS, but specifically
GNU/Linux?  There was something "in the works" with Red Hat Enterprise
Linux but I don't see anything about it in the documentation or on the
Ingres website.

I ask because I'm working on a few variations of a clustered iSCSI/Samba
storage implementation and we're using RHEL5.3AP and AFAIK the work that
was/is being done was specifically using the Red Hat Cluster Suite.  At
the risk of starting an unproductive argument, MySQL offers integration
of DRBD (iSCSI Target block-device mirroring), and we're using DRBD for
mirroring, which prompted the recollection of the above.

Mark R. Winston

Re: [Info-Ingres] INGRES GNU/Linux Cluster Support?

Postby Betty & Karl Schendel » Mon, 23 Feb 2009 04:12:35 GMT

This is not an "inside" answer, but ...

The VMS work nearing completion is for true active/active clustering;
in fact, a good deal of the most recent work centered around
fixes for distributed deadlock detection.  The last time true clustering
worked in production was 6.4, and it had a totally different deadlock
detection architecture, completely incompatible with the way Ingres
does things now.  There has been an awful lot of stress testing, and
fixing of bugs that would take a week or so of running to put in
an appearance.  (Ouch.)

Anyway, I don't think any effort has been put into the linux side of
things for a while.  I am reasonably sure that if and when linux
clustering is revived, most of the work will be integrating with a
different distributed lock manager.  The old linux cluster effort
used OpenDLM, which turned out to be a dead end.  I doubt
that OpenDLM is worth rescuing, since there is at least one DLM
out there now as part of one of the cluster filesystems (not sure
which one at the moment);  one might assume that a DLM
associated with a working filesystem might itself actually work,
unlike OpenDLM.

Anyone wanting an active/active cluster solution on linux today
would probably start with the latest open source "main", and would
need to figure out what to do on the DLM side of things.  The
Ingres/DLM interface is reasonably well isolated into the CX
area of the CL, but who knows what adaptations might be needed.

It's entirely possible that stuff has been going on behind the curtain
that I don't know about;  the above is my personal best guess at
the status.


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