Ingres must be becoming more popular!


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  • 1. iidbms shutdown on his own
    Hi all, Here is my problem: I run a Ingres II 2.0/9808 (int.lnx/00) server on a Redhat 7.0 system (kernel 2.2.16-22) The system runs perfectly since 3 years but since Jun 30 2003, iidbms shutdown on his own. I've called the ingres support, and, after checkings, we discover that I've some tables ~ 2 Go on my disk. I've then reduce all of them => each is contained in a file < 1Go. But I encoutered always the same problem. I've then unloaddb -c my database, destroy, re-create and reload it. But I encoutered always the same problem. I've 2 applications (that did not contains even a line referencing iimonitor or ingstop). The first one take some ascii files, put them into a table and run statistics that were put in another tables. The second one did the same but take his informations throught a TCP socket. When I run one of them => no problem, When I run both => iidbms auto-shutdown after 5-10 minutes. CA support ask me to check in my entire system if someone has made a copy of iimonitor and "joke" to stop the iidbms server => of course not. If someone as a clue. I've put my errlog.log file where you can see the iidbms shutdown and the start procedure. Thanks in advance for any kind of help. Sastien Cottalorda System Manager Parkings Publics de Monaco 24 Rue du Gabian 98000 Monaco Tel: +377 93152077 Fax: +377 92057496 e-mail: XXXX@XXXXX.COM

Ingres must be becoming more popular!

Postby Fritz Wuehler » Wed, 27 Jun 2007 09:08:37 GMT

Well! Security issues discussed on bugtraq, a "security vulnerabilities notice" on the support website... patches available! If it's being poked at by "security researchers" that must mean its profile has risen!

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1.[Info-ingres] ESQLC: What am I doing wrong?

Hi Everyone,

I've been banging my head on this for a while and I can't see what I've 
done wrong, so could someone please tell me what I've done wrong. It 
should be so very,very simple!

I'm trying to check the number of times a record exists in a table.
ie select count(*) from table where record='xxxx'
The 'xxxx' part is passed by parameter and built into a nice host 

I have a variable: int counter declared within an EXEC SQL 

Now in this case the result type of the select is fixed - clearly a non 
nullable integer. 

Hence I would expect an execute immediate would work:
EXEC SQL EXECUTE IMMEDIATE :stmt_buffer into :counter;

Instead it failed with:
Error Code 40204:
Reason: E_LQ000A Conversion failure from column 1 into program 

Somewhat astounded I prepared the statement buffer and scanned the 
contents. It's adamant the return type is date!

So I forced the issue...
sqlda->sqlvar[0].sqltype = IISQ_INT_TYPE;
sqlda->sqlvar[0].sqlind=(short *) 0;
sqlda->sqlvar[0].sqldata=(char *) &counter;

EXEC SQL EXECUTE IMMEDIATE :stmt_buffer using descriptor 

And it still gives me the E_LQ00A error.

Martin Bowes

2.[Info-ingres] OpenAPI connect - what am I missing?

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to synchronously connect to a database using OpenAPI.

I have initialised a parameter block, got a pointer to it, passed this to 
IIapi_connect and keep getting knocked back with:
 gp_status=6 (ie.IIAPI_ST_NOT_INITIALIZED )

Anyone got any ideas whats not initialised? There are no errors in the 
errlog. And given that this is an IIAPI_ST_NOT_INITIALIZED error 
there are no details in gp_errorHandle.

Hmm. Do I have to initialise gp_errorHandle...

Code snippet is:
int Connect_DB(char *dbname, IIAPI_CONNPARM *ConnParm) {

int errorno;
char errortext[1024];

/* Initialise the Parmeter Block */
/* First: Allocate some memory for it! */
ConnParm=calloc(1, sizeof(IIAPI_CONNPARM));
if (!ConnParm) {
    printf("Memory Allocation Error initialising Parameter Block for 
    exit (1);

ConnParm->co_target=calloc(1, 32*sizeof(char));
if (!ConnParm->co_target) {
    printf("Memory Allocation Error Connect_DB.co_target\n");
    exit (1);

ConnParm->co_username=calloc(1, 32*sizeof(char));
if (!ConnParm->co_username) {
    printf("Memory Allocation Error Connect_DB.co_username\n");
    exit (1);
printf("Connect_DB: memory allocation completed! %x\n",ConnParm);
/* Second: store some data in it! */
printf("Connect_DB: Init Parameter Block\n");
strcpy(ConnParm->co_target, dbname);    /*Connect to this database*/
strcpy(ConnParm->co_username, "ingres");/*as ingres*/
ConnParm->co_timeout=-1;                /*with No Timeout */
ConnParm->co_connHandle = NULL;
ConnParm->co_tranHandle = NULL;

ConnParm->co_genParm.gp_callback = NULL;
ConnParm->co_genParm.gp_closure = NULL;


Martin Bowes
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