[Info-Ingres] checking whether ingres is installed


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    In my copy of the standard it does say that including a <fetch first clause> is possibly non-deterministic. If the <fetch first row count> is omitted the default value is 1, the <fetch first row count> must be greater than 0 and a value of less than 1 should raise an exception. I know, just because it's in the standard doesn't make it right. As a side note, there are some SQL implementations that do not return a relations and support the <fetch first clause> syntax; so a <fetch first clause> with a <fetch first row count> of 0 returns nothing.

Re: [Info-Ingres] checking whether ingres is installed

Postby Michael Dyer » Sat, 13 Jun 2009 18:14:49 GMT

Assuming Unix/Linux or Windows:
Is the environment variable II_SYSTEM defined for any user on the
If not defined, then Ingres is not installed.
If it is defined, then check the location(s) defined and inspect to see
whether there is the file set for an Ingres installation.


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Hi guys,

I'm now wondering if there is any way that could tell whether ingres
database is installed or not?

Many thanks,

Guoqiang Yang
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Re: [Info-Ingres] checking whether ingres is installed

Postby Mike Leo » Sat, 13 Jun 2009 19:56:30 GMT


What kind of platform are you on?  Regardless, if you have a way
to search every directory on every drive, look for a file called


I've never run into that filename in other software, but it should
be present in any Ingres installation installed since 1990.

UNIX (as user root):

	find / -name version.rel

VMS: (as a user with READALL privilege, and for each disk device):

	dir DEVICE1:[000000...]version.rel

Windows (as an Administrator):

         In Windows Explorer, right-click on each device and select  
"Search" operation and look for the file called version.rel

Hope this helps,

Michael Leo
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