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Postby c.hammond_yy » Tue, 06 Jan 2004 01:13:45 GMT

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1.FMPro 7 Trial Version Is a Trial!

Marek Williams wrote:
> OK, I did it. In spite of current tight time schedules, I was too
> curious to wait any longer. I downloaded and installed the trial
> version of FileMaker Pro 7.0 (Windows).
> The first thing I did was to import data from an Access 2000 database.
> Kind of a clumsy window having to create all the field names (it sees
> them, why can't it just keep the existing field names?). Oh well,
> hopefully that won't have to be done often. I chose a table with 52
> records in it.

use 'Matching names' option

as for havig to create all fields from scratch, a work around:  import 
from an Excelworksheet that has the field name, . the fields will be 
created in an empty FM7 table, and named identically

Chris Brown
University of Adelaide

2.Exploiting a clinical database

Hi everyone,

I am not completely new to Filemaker, although I am not an expert. I
am using FM 8.5 advanced - FM 8 server on Windows XP. I am trying to
figure out the most appropriate relationship design for a clinical DB.
I will have to put basic demographic data about the patients (name,
gender, date of birth, age, first evaluation...) and then relate this
information to diagnosis and treatment. Obviously most of patients
will have a follow-up, with many records regarding diagnostic
examinations and possibly different treatments by time. I thought to
create a single table regarding patients demographics, different
tables for different diagnostic tests (like ECG, biomakers, Lab,
Imaging and so on...)  and another table for treatment (correct ?).
Each patient would have a single ID and this could be the key for the
relations through all the tables. But what is the most efficient way
to relate patient informations (demographics) to more than one record
on the diagnostic/treatment tables ? (Is this a one to many
relationship ?).

Thank you in advance for any help


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I have a complex FMPro7 database solution in which a third party is
interested,and would appreciate some help/guidance.

The screenshots and explanations of its features do not do it justice,
so I am considering didtributing the solution to prospective
customers, but 'crippled' in such a way that:

a) the scripts and layouts are securely password-protected.

b) the solution is limited to, say, 10 records per table.

Is password protection really secure?  I have been led to believe that
there are ways of defeating password protection, and some prospective
clients may have access to such 'cracks'.

Is it possible to limit all the tables in the database to a specified
number of records?

I think that the database is too complicated to distribute as a
run-time solution, and, in any case, it is primarily designed for a
multi-user environment.

Thanks in advance for any advice/comments/suggestions or feedback.

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