wintcp protocol deprecation on Windows


wintcp protocol deprecation on Windows

Postby BruceL » Fri, 15 Aug 2008 09:29:38 GMT

The Ingres/Net protocol "wintcp" on Windows was superceded (starting
with Ingres, post Ingres 2.6) with protocol "tcp_ip".  The new
protocol is compatible with the old but was enhanced to use the
Winsock 2 API (for improved performance) and later IPv6 support.
However, the old "wintcp" protocol driver still remained the default
for Ingres/Net and hence, is still the primary driver being used.  A
project is planned to deprecate (not remove) wintcp.  Basically, the
project involves making "tcp_ip" the default and providing an easy way
to switch from "wintcp" to "tcp_ip" (including converting vnodes) when
upgrading Ingres installations to the new release.

If you would like to review and/or comment on the project, there is a
Detailed Design Specification (DDS) for the project posted to the
Ingres Community site under Ingres Connectivity projects: see
eprecate Wintcp Protocolproject at  http://www.**--****.com/ 
.  Please provide any feedback regarding the design on the roject
tab discussion page for the eprecate WinTCP Protocolproject.

FYI, the design is a result of feedback received earlier this year
during a functional review.


Bruce Lunsford
Ingres Engineering

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