Euro symbol in the DOS Window


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    On Mar 24, 6:12m, Mike Leo < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote: > One feature I really liked was a setting that would cause the terminal > monitor to exit on any error. The tm/sql directive: \nocontinue does that :-) copydb/unloaddb make use of it to avoid long running (un)loads when an error occurs. > It would exit with the last SQL error code > as the return status. That's an interesting technique. Chris

Euro symbol in the DOS Window

Postby Roy Hann » Sat, 07 May 2005 18:02:44 GMT

This isn't strictly an Ingres problem, but it is causing me problems with an
ABF application and I'm sure lots of other people here will have run into

How can I get an ABF application(or anything else for that matter) running
in a DOS window on W2K to display the Euro symbol (?) when displaying a
money value?

I have installed a code page conversion table that includes the Euro (858
OEM Multilingual Latin I + Euro), and I have issued the chcp 858 command in
the window.  If I press the keys for a Euro symbol it is echoed correctly.
I have also ingsetenv II_MONEY_FORMAT L:?, which echoes correctly as I type
it, but when I execute ingprenv I get back II_MONEY_FORMAT=L:?

Roy Hann (rhann at rationalcommerce dot com)
Rational Commerce Ltd.
"Ingres development, tuning, and training experts"

Re: Euro symbol in the DOS Window

Postby Roy Hann » Sat, 07 May 2005 18:06:00 GMT


Hah!  The first thing I tried after posting the question worked!

I hacked symbol.tbl with a binary editor, changing whatever random
bit-pattern it was that had got in there instead of 0xD5 (which is what I
wanted), and lo!  It works!.

Thanks for listening.  It helped.  It really did.


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