[Info-ingres] OpenAPI connect - what am I missing?


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[Info-ingres] OpenAPI connect - what am I missing?

Postby martin.bowes » Thu, 16 Jun 2005 21:27:29 GMT

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to synchronously connect to a database using OpenAPI.

I have initialised a parameter block, got a pointer to it, passed this to 
IIapi_connect and keep getting knocked back with:
 gp_status=6 (ie.IIAPI_ST_NOT_INITIALIZED )

Anyone got any ideas whats not initialised? There are no errors in the 
errlog. And given that this is an IIAPI_ST_NOT_INITIALIZED error 
there are no details in gp_errorHandle.

Hmm. Do I have to initialise gp_errorHandle...

Code snippet is:
int Connect_DB(char *dbname, IIAPI_CONNPARM *ConnParm) {

int errorno;
char errortext[1024];

/* Initialise the Parmeter Block */
/* First: Allocate some memory for it! */
ConnParm=calloc(1, sizeof(IIAPI_CONNPARM));
if (!ConnParm) {
    printf("Memory Allocation Error initialising Parameter Block for 
    exit (1);

ConnParm->co_target=calloc(1, 32*sizeof(char));
if (!ConnParm->co_target) {
    printf("Memory Allocation Error Connect_DB.co_target\n");
    exit (1);

ConnParm->co_username=calloc(1, 32*sizeof(char));
if (!ConnParm->co_username) {
    printf("Memory Allocation Error Connect_DB.co_username\n");
    exit (1);
printf("Connect_DB: memory allocation completed! %x\n",ConnParm);
/* Second: store some data in it! */
printf("Connect_DB: Init Parameter Block\n");
strcpy(ConnParm->co_target, dbname);    /*Connect to this database*/
strcpy(ConnParm->co_username, "ingres");/*as ingres*/
ConnParm->co_timeout=-1;                /*with No Timeout */
ConnParm->co_connHandle = NULL;
ConnParm->co_tranHandle = NULL;

ConnParm->co_genParm.gp_callback = NULL;
ConnParm->co_genParm.gp_closure = NULL;


Martin Bowes
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RE: [Info-ingres] OpenAPI connect - what am I missing?

Postby Croker, Grant » Thu, 16 Jun 2005 22:15:26 GMT


Has IIapi_initialize() been called beforehand? I believe you also need
set ConnParm->co_connHandle to the environment handle generated by

Check out $II_SYSTEM/ingres/demo/api/apisconn.c for a working example
connect with OpenAPI.

ta - g

RE: [Info-ingres] OpenAPI connect - what am I missing?

Postby martin.bowes » Thu, 16 Jun 2005 22:55:04 GMT

Hi Grant

Ah! {*filter*}!

Serves me right for using an II2.0 manual. 

Thanks heaps!


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Martin Bowes
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I've written a C program which has a subroutine full of API stuff. This 
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stuff. From the final database connection it reads in a lot (17511 rows) 
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API before returning to the main program. 

All of which appears to work perfectly well. The data returned to the 
program is exactly what is in the database.

But after the IIapi_terminate succeeds, the subroutine will return a 
TRUE. Diagnostics indicates this is all happening. But the subroutine 
NEVER returns to the main program. Instead it either loops? or causes 
a coredump.

The code is literally:
main (...) {
if (Generate_Analysed_Data(&SayWhat)) {
    printf("Generate_Analysed_Data completed OK!\n");
} else {
    printf("Unexpected Error: Failed to Generate Analysed Data\n");
    printf("Program Aborts\n");
    exit (1);
} /*main*/

int Generate_Analysed_Data ( ParmDetails *buf) {
... stuff ...
/* Initialise OpenAPI */
if (!Init_API(&InitParm)) {return(FALSE);};
... Lots of stuff ...
/* In all cases we an now terminate the API connection */
printf("Terminate me!\n");
if (!Terminate_API) {
    printf("Failure in API termination!\n");

printf("Generate_Analysed_Data returns %d\n", ret_value);
return (ret_value);
} /*Generate_Analysed_Data*/

int Terminate_API (void) {
if ( termParm.tm_status != IIAPI_ST_SUCCESS ) {
    printf( "Open_API::Terminate_API. Error in IIapi_terminate: %d\n",
        termParm.tm_status );
return termParm.tm_status;
} /*Terminate_API*/

The diagnostic output is:
Terminate me!
Generate_Analysed_Data returns 1
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I've run in api_trace mode (5) and the trace file (1.2M) is beautiful:
grep 'status =' $II_SYSTEM/ingres/files/api_trace.log| grep -v 
!IIapi_appCallback: request completed, status = NO_DATA

All the connects/disconnects are cool. All started statements are 
closed, commits are issued etc.

I've run this on II2.5 and from an II2.6 installation using vnodes back to 
the II2.5 database and the effect is the same. 

Any Ideas gratefully received. I have the core dump and dbx but I have 
no idea what I'm looking for or how to drive dbx....

Martin Bowes
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OpenAPI function cannot be called in current state.

We get the first if we set queryParm.qy_parameters=FALSE or TRUE 

The manual suggests  these are equivalenet and hints that ~V is 
preferred - although we may be reading too much into that...

Martin Bowes
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