[Info-ingres] FRS: Compiled forms (fwd) - AKA DMF Config


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  • 1. Removed database data directory (causing infodb to fail).
    Thanks to previous advice from Peter Gale I now know which database in the iidbdb.iidatabase table has had the data directory (and thus the database configuration file) removed. If I then try to get rid of it from the system catalogues, using: destroydb -u<DBO user ID> <DB name> it fails with the following message: "E_US0003 User does not have permission to destroy this database". In order to fool Ingres into thinking that there is something there to destroy, I created a data directory: /.../data/<DB name>. Now if I try to run destroydb again, it fails with a different error - progress! "E_SC0206 An internal error prevents further processing of this query." Obviously I am not about to start hacking the system catalogues with an unsupported version. Would it be possible to "createdb" a database that Ingres thinks already exists? Presumably not. Would it help to copy data from another database of the same name into the data area? That database would probably not work properly on a different installation, but would it enable me to destroy the removed database from the system catalogues? Are there any other possible solutions that I have not covered? Many thanks, L Jackson.
  • 2. Infodb falls over "E_DM012A_CONFIG_NOT_FOUND The database configuration file was not found."
    I'm using unsupported IngresII 2.0 with Reliant UNIX 5.43 and infodb is not reporting all 72 databases known to accessdb. Infodb gets to 26 and then falls over, as follows: infodb | grep Collation | wc -l Thu Apr 27 13:33:29 2006 E_DM012A_CONFIG_NOT_FOUND The database configuration file was not found. 25 How can I find out which database is causing the problem and what sort of problem is it likely to be? Where is accessdb getting a fuller DB list from that infodb cannot reach? Is the list from accessdb likely to be complete? Many thanks, L Jackson.

Re: [Info-ingres] FRS: Compiled forms (fwd) - AKA DMF Config

Postby Richard Tyler-Jones » Sat, 04 Feb 2006 19:09:11 GMT

Hi all,

Just wished to thank all those who contributed. My system admin and
I reconfigured the DMF cache (using figures suggested by Peter Gale)
and we immediately got a significant and very noticable improvement
in performance. That should silence (for the time being) the critics.

Now I'm off to have a quiet word with the programmer using pointless
and expensive queries. ;-) 

Oh - and a public apology to Marty for nicking his subject line.

As a source of knowledge and help this news group is priceless. Thanks
again to all.

Dr Richard Tyler-Jones
Information Services
The University of Nottingham

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If I was trying to analyse the QEP for a specific query, seeing the
query itself is always a good starting point.  Can you provide the
query for us?

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Hi Joe,

Spot on, thanks dude.


> IIRC it's supposed to be a pointer, i.e.,
>    extern int *a_form;
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Hi dudes,

I'm trying to write a small forms based application and wanted to use 
compiled forms as the application had no reason to connect to any 
database at all.

So I made some forms and used the 'Compile Forms' button to drop 
them to disk as simple C files.

I then compiled them to object code with:
cc -c a_form.c -o a_form.o ...and the usual set of libraries...

I then linked them to my application:
cc my_app.c a_form.o -o my_app ...blah,blah,blah...

But when I run the application, as soon as the code executes the EXEC 
FRS addform a_form
It gets a Segmentation violation.

The code did do the:
	extern int a_form;

Anyone got any ideas????

Martin Bowes
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